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December 7, 2012

The Best Cigar Lighter for the Perfect Way to Light a Cigar

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Nearly everyone who smokes cigars, from a cigar aficionado to the new cigar smoker has a method to light cigars and how to smoke a cigar.  Once you use your cigar cutter and get the end opened up, you appreciate the aroma of the handmade cigar wrapper and tobacco and twirl it in your hands, you are ready to torch it.  For that you want the best cigar lighter.


Best Cigar Lighter tips

This is no small undertaking mind you.  Cigars are big and thick and full of moisture – that’s why they are stored in a humidor.  Mess it up, and you have wasted some of the best smoke in the cigar.  Light it right with the best cigar lighter, and you can enjoy it immediately and feel the flavor fully for a long slow pleasurable burn.


So how do you light a cigar the right way?  Well, first it is going to involve a flame, which means a lighter and matches as your tools.  If you are a wooden matcher, then you’ll probably need a big box of long matches and loads of patience, particularly in the wind.  If you’ve seen the light – pun intended – and use a torch lighter, (we have a great selection of the best cigar lighters) here’s the correct method.


Take your cigar in hand, find a place out of the wind so you get the most direct flame.  Get the tip of the cigar over the flame near the edge of the cigar, while rotating the cigar so you light it evenly.  Keeping it out of the direct flame and roasting the wrapper so it lights evenly.  Do this for 15 to 20 seconds, then pull away from the flame and blow on the cigar to help it ignite.


Then put it back over the tip of the flame to make sure that it is lit for a few more seconds, then put it to your mouth and draw in.  Check the end to make sure that it is evenly lit and retorch using the same rolling motion to ensure an even burn.  Take another draw or two and repeat until you have a nice even glow to the tip.


Best cigar lighter from Xikar

Gotham Cigars Custom Xikar Jet Flame Lighter

At, we are fanatics about a good light, particularly from a butane lighter.  This is why we have the most complete selection of best cigar lighters available.  We test each brand to ensure that it is reliable, easy to use and above all, enhances your enjoyment of smoking a cigar.  One of my favorites is the Xikar brand of cigar lighters and cigar accessories such as cutters, travel containers, butane refills and of course beautifully designed lighters for cigars.  Xikar products all come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee of satisfaction on all of their products.  I’m sure everyone has gotten a lighter at some point that doesn’t end up working or breaks soon after purchase, so a lifetime warranty is a big plus, and goes to show that the product will most likely satisfy high expectations.

Gotham Cigars works directly with Xikar cigar lighters to bring you a terrific selection of lighters for cigars that will satisfy anyone’s taste.  The Gotham Jet Flame Lighter made by Xikar exclusively for Gotham uses a Rapid Fire jet flame ignition that lights fast and steady so you get an exceptional flame to light your cigar with. It’s durable, stylish and features a multiple flame height selector allowing you to match the flame to your stick.   The Gotham Jet Flame Lighter is the best cigar lighter choice for any cigar smoker.  Attractively priced and comes with a beautiful case, perfect for gift giving, even if it is a gift to yourself.


Lighting a cigar is key to an enjoyable experience.  As a premier cigar shop online, Gotham wants you to get the most enjoyment from your experience. Using the best cigar lighter should help you achieve that.  Make sure to toast the end and let the entire aroma and flavor be released by doing it right.  Remember, practice makes perfect.  I know I love practicing on my favorite cigars to get it just right every time.


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