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August 18, 2013

You Don’t Want To Be “That Guy” in Your Fantasy Football League

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Every Year in leagues around the world, there’s “That Guy” that brings lousy fantasy football cigars to the draft.

Are you That Guy?  Don't be - order fantasy football cigars samplers from GothamCigars.comYou know “That Guy”, he’s the one who

  • Picks his defense in the 2nd round
  • Is  always bragging about his players
  • Trashes the other coaches obnoxiously
  • Shows up for draft day without paper, pencils or advance preparation
  • Asks other coaches for their recommendations
  • Never checks the health status of players
  • Uses “autodraft” options
  • Whines that they did not have enough time to make a pick
  • Ignores bye weeks then gripes when they have to use all bench players
  • Refuses to make trades during the season
  • Fails to show up for the draft all
  • Grumbling that the league scoring rules are unfair


“That Guy” also is the guy that makes the ultimate Fantasy faux pas, they either don’t bring a decent selection of cigars to the Fantasy Football Draft Day Party, or worse yet, they don’t bring any fantasy football cigars at all.


Gotham Cigars doesn’t want you to be “That Guy”.  That is why we have put together the all time best premium cigar packages to make sure that you are NOT “That Guy” at your draft day festivities.


You may be “That Guy” because your a rookie and make some mistakes.  Or maybe you’re a veteran and have a penchant for bursts of Michael Jordanesque trash talk that can irritate other owners.  Or maybe you’re the league MVP and can’t help reminding the other coaches of your prowess.   There is one thing that everyone will agree on when you bring a cache of high quality premium cigars – you’re NOT going to be “That Guy”.


So go ahead, do your research, read every website on draft strategy you can, even consult the almighty football gods for guidance on your depth chart.  Leave no stone unturned and make sure that you don’t forget the fantasy football cigars that will endear you more to the rest of your league than giving up your 1st round draft pick – Don’t Forget The Cigars!


Click here for the ultimate draft day fantasy football cigars packages.

Top Ten Ways to Not Be That Guy at Fantasy Football League

Top Ten Ways to Not Be That Guy at Fantasy Football League


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Cigar Samplers

August 6, 2013

Rocky Patel: Fighting for Your Rights and Giving You a Taste of His Personal Favorite

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Rakesh “Rocky” Patel, owner of the Rocky Patel Cigar Company, has been fighting for your right to light up since the mid ‘90s.

As a cigar smoker, we know how many times we’ve been shunned by the conventional crowd when we light up. Well my friend you are not alone. Rakesh “Rocky” Patel, owner of the Rocky Patel Cigar Company, has been fighting for your right to light up since the mid ‘90s. One of the reasons why Patel is nicknamed “Rocky” is because he fights for what he believes in. You may even say that his Apollo Creed is the politicians who are trying to ban smoking in as many places as possible.

He crafted the Freedom cigar to symbolize what it means to fight for one’s right to enjoy a cigar without facing unnecessary scrutiny. Rocky Patel’s Freedom features a patriotic red, white and blue band, which further symbolizes the fight for freedom that Rocky is trying to achieve. A freedom that all Americans are entitled to, but the goody two-shoes bureaucrats want us to live the boring yuppie lifestyle filled with the same mundane routine. They are trying to limit our freedom by legislating away our rights as American citizens. Rocky is not having that at all. He champions the rights of smokers and he will continue to storm the gates of Washington D.C. and protect us from falling into the depths of despair. The bottom line is that Rocky Patel’s Freedom is a good cigar that represents the struggle for every smoker’s right to enjoy a nice stick free from judgment.

The private cellar typically consists of the stash that wine connoisseurs hide from their guests to ensure that the good stuff goes untouched. Rocky Patel’s Private Cellar is no different, as it is recognized as a personal favorite of Rocky Patel himself. He has decided to unlock a treasure trove of premium sticks after years of hoarding them. Like fine wines and spirits, tobacco must also be aged for a specific amount of time in a certain way to let subtle changes take place that result in the flavors we love. Rocky personally tinkered with this blend until he cultivated a cigar that suited his personal taste. We all have the guest stash and the personal stash, so we can’t blame Rocky for holding this stick back. Now that he has released it, we have to see what all the fuss is about. Rocky Patel has granted access to one his most exclusive sticks with the Private Cellar and it is definitely worth trying.  Let us know if you will add this stick to your own private cellar or if it will be relegated to the guest collection.


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