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November 1, 2013

The Making of America’s Best Selling Cigar, Macanudo Cigars

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Macanudo Cigars is the best selling premium cigars in the US.  Read the ins and outs of Macanudo Cigar making as well as Gotham’s Free Club Macanudo Callaway Golf Bag.

Gotham Cigars Club Macanudo Callaway Golf Bag Giveaway

For a limited time, Gotham Cigars is giving away a Free Callaway Hyper-Lite 3.0 Golf Bag. This golf bag is direct from the elegant New York City cigar lounge, Club Macanudo. This 3lb, 6 pocket golf bag has the Club Macanudo name and logo embroidered on the side. To enter, all you have to do it enter your name and email address. The Club Macanudo Callaway Hyper-Lite 3.0 Golf Bag retails for $199.00, but for one lucky winner, this high quality golf bag will be free!  The contest is located on our Gotham Cigars Fan Page.  Macanudo Cigars are the best selling cigar in the US, so for your next golfing trip don’t forget your Macanudo cigar and enter to win this Free Callaway Golf Bag.

There is so much that goes into the making of “America’s Best Selling Premium Cigars”, Macanudo Cigars.  The very first Macanudo cigar was carefully handcrafted in 1968, and every cigar since then has been made in the same high quality fashion.  Many people think that cigar making is just the process of harvesting the tobacco and rolling the premium cigars loved by many, but there is so much more that goes into making them.  For instance, Macanudo employs a team of highly skilled agronomists that take the time to prepare the soil before a seed even goes into the soil.  Before planting tobacco seeds the agronomists make sure that the pH level and the special nutrients are ideal for growing their tobacco.  Once the tobacco harvest has matured the leaves then go through an air curing process for 30 days where they are hung in wooden barns, but that isn’t the end.  After that process the tobacco leaves then go through further fermentation for 6 months at least which allow the tobacco leaves to achieve the deep aroma, color and flavor found in Macanudo cigars.

Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigars

The next step for the tobacco leaves is for the Macanudo wrappers to be packed away in barrels and left to age for at least 2 years.  Once the aging process is over the filler tobacco for the Macanudo is packed into Dominican rum barrels which allows the tobacco to mature even more as well as take on additional flavors that are present.  When the tobacco leaves are ready, Macanudo’s highly skilled artisans go through each and every leaf to make sure they fit the requirements for Macanudo Cigars based on color, texture, size and so much more.  After the construction of the Macanudo cigar, they do one extra step to keep their cigars above and beyond their competitors.  They age the finished cigar in a cedar lined room in order to enhance the flavor of the cigar even more.

The many different processes of making Macanudo Cigars may sounds simple, even after ready this, but there is so much time and care that go into the making of each and every stick.  They even take the time to make sure that the cigar band is in the exact same spot on each and every cigar.  This high quality, and perfected craft is what keeps Macanudo Cigars, America’s best selling premium cigars.

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