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January 21, 2013

Tips for Selecting a New Cigar to Add to Your Collection

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Here are some great tips to keep in mind when selecting a cigar to add to your collection!

There are so many well known brands in the cigar world that carry great sticks.  When selecting a cigar to try or add to your collection, it may seem overwhelming due to how many there are, unless you are like the cigar connoisseurs out there who are determined to try them all.  Selecting a cigar is easier than you think.

The first step to selecting a cigar is deciding what strength you want your cigar to have.  A bit of advice, it is never a good idea to select a cigar just due to the fact that it is strong; there are many other things that go into selecting a cigar.  Here is a tip, when looking at the appearance of a cigar you haven’t smoked before, you can actually tell if it is going to be a full body smoke or a more mild smoke based on the thickness of the wrapper.  The thicker the wrapper, the more full bodied it will likely be.

Assuming that as a cigar smoker you have experienced enough to know what level of body you prefer, the next step in selecting a cigarto try is to determine the size that you want.  When choosing the size of your cigar that you want to smoke, it is important to think about how long you want to be smoking.  Bigger gauge sticks deliver lots of smoke as well as flavor, and the medium gauge sticks are a more even balance of both.

Selecting a cigar? Try the Oliva Cain Habano

Selecting a cigar? Try the Oliva Cain Habano

A great new stick to add to your collection is the Oliva Cain line of cigars.  The Cain cigars were released by Oliva in 2009 under the Nub fame.  What makes these cigars so unique is that they are made from 100% Ligero tobacco, yes the wrapper, the binder and the filler are all Ligero!  When first hearing this, some cigar smokers might be put off from this cigar because the fact that it is 100% Ligero typically means that it will be very strong.   The blend of Ligero tobacco in the Cain Habano comes from Condega, Estili and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua.

Visually this cigar is dark brown in color with not many large veins. This full flavored cigar gives off a coffee flavor similar to that of a French roast. After lighting cigar, there are noticeable flavors of dark chocolate and a hint of a spicy peppery flavor as you continue smoking it. This cigar is one of Oliva’s best bold smokes without being too harsh. It has a nice smooth essence to it and would be a great new unique addition to any humidor.

The Cain Daytona is another unique cigar from the Oliva Cain line. This stick has a medium, light brown Nicaraguan Habano wrapper with a few visible veins.  The Ligero filler offers a medium taste with a creamy smoothness. With the first few puffs there are notes of spice, earthy flavors and a hint of sweetness. This medium to full flavor stick is a great addition to any humidor looking for a bold, smooth new cigar.

For more information on cigars, or cigar accessories visit

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January 9, 2013

The Best Cigar Lighters: How to Fill a Butane Lighter

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Every cigar lover has their favorite cigar as well as a particular way to light a cigar, like a match or lighter.  Some of the best cigar lighters are butane lighters, however they are unable to be shipped filled so that task is left up to the smoker and it can sometimes be tricky.

One of the best cigar lighters. Lotus Orion Lighter

One of the best cigar lighters. Lotus Orion Lighter

Before you are able to smoke a cigar, relax or enjoy the great flavors of your favorite cigar, you have to refill the butane lighter.  If you follow these steps it should be easy to fill it up and begin to enjoy your cigar, after all your favorite cigar deserves the best cigar lighter.

1)      The First step to filling your butane cigar lighter is turn it upside down to change the flame height adjuster to the minimum setting.  If it feels like it isn’t turning, don’t force it because it could mean that it is already the max or min limit, just try turning it in the opposite direction.

2)      It is important to get all of the air from inside out.  If you leave air inside the fuel tank, the lighter can malfunction because the air is keeping the butane from being injected into the tank.  To get all the air out you have to push the refilling valve with a screwdriver, or hold it upright and depress the gas release button, letting all the air out until you no longer hear the hissing sound.

Butane Lighter Refill

Cigar Punch

3)      It is very important that you always refill the butane lighter upside down to insure that you are not injecting air into the fuel tank.

4)      Before injecting the butane gas, make sure to shake the can well.  Then press the refill stem directly onto the refill valve on the bottom of the lighter.  While holding the upside down lighter and the butane can in a straight position, let the gas into the lighter.  This should only take about 5 seconds to fill, but repeat shortly if it needs more.  Once full you will notice that the lighter is cold.

5)      Let the filled butane lighter sit until it reaches room temperature.

6)      Finally, turn the flame height adjuster back to your desired height, ignite and enjoy your stogie.

Gotham Cigars carries some of the best cigar lighters on the market.  Xikar cigar lighters and Lotus cigar lighters are two top brands available at Gotham.  The Lotus lighters are very state of the art and stylish.  Their superior quality sets them apart from other cigar accessory brands on the market.

Visit Gotham Cigars to check out the wide selection of some of the best cigar lighters, and find answers to your entire cigar, humidor and cigar accessory questions and to order from the finest selection of quality cigars at the most affordable prices on the market.


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January 4, 2013

Great Cigar Flavors in the Gurkha Legend Toro Maduro Cigar!

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Given its steady growth throughout the industry, Gurkha Cigars has definitely earned its trusted name and honest reputation.  With over 100 different cigars, this cigar brand has received exceptional ratings of “90,” “91,” and “89” by Cigar Aficionado due to their great cigar flavors and high quality sticks.

The Gurkha Cigar Company was founded by Kaizad Hansotia.  From the moment that he began making these cigars he knew that he wanted his packaging to be different than the traditional packaging.   ”I wanted my packaging to practically jump off the shelves! You have to hit all the senses; every detail is noticed. I wanted to create a piece of furniture with cigars in it” said Kaizad.  To this day the Gurkha brand is known for their premium sticks, great cigar flavors and the use of unique and artistic packaging.

The Gurkha Legend Toro Maduro cigar is rated 89 by Cigar Aficionado.  This stick features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper which is exquisitely rolled around the aged eight year Dominican filler to create a perfect medium-bodied smoke.  When starting to smoke this cigar there are notes of earthy flavors as well as a hint of chocolate and leather.

The Gurkha Legend's cigar flavors makes this stick popular among cigar lovers.

Gurkha Cigars known for their cigar packaging, quality and great cigar flavors in every stick.

The cigar flavors come off very strong from the beginning, you don’t have to wait for it to burn more to really taste it, however as it continues to burn all of the flavors begin to , mellow and blend well together.   The Gurkha Legend Toro Maduro is definitely worth a second, third and fourth glance, and at such a good price, all you need to enjoy this is a cigar cutter and the drink of your choice.  This 5 pack retails at $90, however at Gotham this cigar 5 pack is a steal at only $59.99 and it comes with a custom Xikar cigar lighter.  This cigar and lighter combo is a great gift for any cigar lover, and an even better addition to any humidor.

Visit Gotham Cigars to read more about The Gurkha Legend Toro Maduro Cigar, find answers to all of your cigar, humidor and cigar accessory questions and to order from the finest selection of quality cigars at the most affordable prices on the market.

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December 7, 2012

The Best Cigar Lighter for the Perfect Way to Light a Cigar

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Nearly everyone who smokes cigars, from a cigar aficionado to the new cigar smoker has a method to light cigars and how to smoke a cigar.  Once you use your cigar cutter and get the end opened up, you appreciate the aroma of the handmade cigar wrapper and tobacco and twirl it in your hands, you are ready to torch it.  For that you want the best cigar lighter.


Best Cigar Lighter tips

This is no small undertaking mind you.  Cigars are big and thick and full of moisture – that’s why they are stored in a humidor.  Mess it up, and you have wasted some of the best smoke in the cigar.  Light it right with the best cigar lighter, and you can enjoy it immediately and feel the flavor fully for a long slow pleasurable burn.


So how do you light a cigar the right way?  Well, first it is going to involve a flame, which means a lighter and matches as your tools.  If you are a wooden matcher, then you’ll probably need a big box of long matches and loads of patience, particularly in the wind.  If you’ve seen the light – pun intended – and use a torch lighter, (we have a great selection of the best cigar lighters) here’s the correct method.


Take your cigar in hand, find a place out of the wind so you get the most direct flame.  Get the tip of the cigar over the flame near the edge of the cigar, while rotating the cigar so you light it evenly.  Keeping it out of the direct flame and roasting the wrapper so it lights evenly.  Do this for 15 to 20 seconds, then pull away from the flame and blow on the cigar to help it ignite.


Then put it back over the tip of the flame to make sure that it is lit for a few more seconds, then put it to your mouth and draw in.  Check the end to make sure that it is evenly lit and retorch using the same rolling motion to ensure an even burn.  Take another draw or two and repeat until you have a nice even glow to the tip.


Best cigar lighter from Xikar

Gotham Cigars Custom Xikar Jet Flame Lighter

At, we are fanatics about a good light, particularly from a butane lighter.  This is why we have the most complete selection of best cigar lighters available.  We test each brand to ensure that it is reliable, easy to use and above all, enhances your enjoyment of smoking a cigar.  One of my favorites is the Xikar brand of cigar lighters and cigar accessories such as cutters, travel containers, butane refills and of course beautifully designed lighters for cigars.  Xikar products all come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee of satisfaction on all of their products.  I’m sure everyone has gotten a lighter at some point that doesn’t end up working or breaks soon after purchase, so a lifetime warranty is a big plus, and goes to show that the product will most likely satisfy high expectations.

Gotham Cigars works directly with Xikar cigar lighters to bring you a terrific selection of lighters for cigars that will satisfy anyone’s taste.  The Gotham Jet Flame Lighter made by Xikar exclusively for Gotham uses a Rapid Fire jet flame ignition that lights fast and steady so you get an exceptional flame to light your cigar with. It’s durable, stylish and features a multiple flame height selector allowing you to match the flame to your stick.   The Gotham Jet Flame Lighter is the best cigar lighter choice for any cigar smoker.  Attractively priced and comes with a beautiful case, perfect for gift giving, even if it is a gift to yourself.


Lighting a cigar is key to an enjoyable experience.  As a premier cigar shop online, Gotham wants you to get the most enjoyment from your experience. Using the best cigar lighter should help you achieve that.  Make sure to toast the end and let the entire aroma and flavor be released by doing it right.  Remember, practice makes perfect.  I know I love practicing on my favorite cigars to get it just right every time.


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