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November 30, 2012

The Best Cigar According to Many Cigar Connoisseurs.

For over 15 years, Don Lino has been considered the best cigar to many cigar smoking connoisseurs who are seeking a distinct smoke. These are well known cigars and are a Miami Cigar & Company brand.

Don Lino Africa Gordito Torpedo Cigars are tantalizing Nicaraguan handmade cigars that use premium blends of African, Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Don Lino Africa Gordito Torpedo Cigars feature a Nicaraguan binder and are wrapped in a dark and oily Nicaraguan leaf. These Gordito cigars may be small in stature but are big on taste with full flavors of earth, spice, and coffee.  This cigar is a medium to full bodied smoke and is sure to please any cigar enthusiast.

One of the best cigar made by Nestor Miranda

Don Lino Africa Gordito Torpedo Cigars

The Don Lino Africa Gordito Torpedo Cigar is the creation of Nestor Miranda, a master cigar blender who was inspired to create the Africa cigar line after returning home from a trip to Africa. Nestor Miranda was so inspired by his trip he decided to make the Don Africa Cigars as a tribute to everything that is Africa, and we think he did a great job!

The Don Lino Africa blend was introduced in 2003 and then re-blended for 2004. It is currently manufactured at Nestor’s factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Don Lino Africa blend is made from 4-year aged tobaccos, and are aged for an additional 5 months after they are rolled.  These Cigars have been a hot seller here at Gotham Cigars since their arrival here.

Visit Gotham Cigars to read more about The Don Lino Africa Gordito Torpedo Cigars, find answers to your entire cigar, humidor and cigar accessory questions and to order from the finest selection of quality cigars at the most affordable prices on the market.

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Cigar Information

May 22, 2012

A History of Acid Cigars and Drew Estate

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Acid BoxesAcid Cigars By Drew Estate


Despite their name, acid cigars do not contain any hallucinogenic substances. “Acid” is actually an acronym for Arielle Chester Industrial Design. This term describes the uniquely colorful label rather than the cigar itself. In fact, the artist Scott Chester inspired Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel-founders of the Drew Estate cigar company-to develop the acid line of cigars. The dominant hue of each label is designed to convey information about the flavor and aroma. For a relatively recent start-up, Drew Estate’s sales and reputation among serious cigar smokers and sellers has soared. This ascendency is largely due to its line of acid cigars.

Drew Estate began its journey to the top in New York City’s World Trade Center in 1995. Drew and Samel-college fraternity brothers turned business partners-opened a modest kiosk in the WTC’s retail mall. Selling cigars that were rolled elsewhere in Manhattan, the pair then developed their own brand. In an effort to reach out to retailers and distributors, they attended a 1998 trade show in Orlando and promptly earned accolades for their brand from industry authorities, including Cigar Aficionado magazine. Their success was reversed, however, by a Central American hurricane that devastated tobacco crops. Without an inventory, the future of Drew Estate looked bleak.

Both Drew and Samel knew they needed their own production source, so Drew took borrowed capital and moved to Nicaragua to establish a factory. In spite of local suspicion, Drew labored diligently to make the new facility operational. The idea of acid cigars was conceived during this period. The widespread availability of herbs and other botanicals in Central and South America made the plan even more viable. While Samel continued to manage U.S. operations from New York, Drew began earning the grudging recognition of the Nicaraguan tobacco farmers because of his work ethic and willingness to innovate. Today, the facility occupies 96,000 square feet. Unlike strictly functional cigar factories, the Drew Estate plant is known for its ornamental architecture and ubiquitous paintings and prints.

Acid cigars are easily credited with the success of Drew Estate. Infused with a variety of botanicals, herbs, oils, and wines, the acids, as they are called, possess appealing flavors. But Drew Estate is quick to reject the word “flavored” when it comes to acid cigars. As they see it, flavoring is an industrial application unrelated to the creation of the acids. Flavoring is fast and cheap. By contrast, acid cigars take time to manufacture and are composed of only the highest quality ingredients. The actual infusion process, however, is a patented secret held tightly within the walls of Drew Estate. They do reveal, though, the fact that the rolled cigars are encased in plastic and stored in a cool room. This binds the infused flavors to the tobacco.

 Acids are categorized by color-coded lines

Acid cigars are categorized by color-coded lines. Blue line cigars are considered the most traditional of the acid brand. The Acid Blondie, for example, has a subtly sweet taste that calls honey and cream to mind. The Kuba Kuba is known for its tantalizing aroma, though it is sharper in flavor than the Blondie. Among the blue line, the Kong Cameroon is the most robust in flavor, infused with red wine, herbs, and essential oils. The Krush is a miniature version of the Blondie, but not lacking in terms of flavor or scent. The blues come in distinctive shapes; most are smoked in about 20 minutes.

The red line of acid cigars tends toward more intensity. Smokers of the Acid Liquid detect roasting cashews amidst the other spices and plants infused in the cigar. They also report a toasty burn that makes for an enjoyable smoke. Characterized by a torpedo shape, the Nasty does not live up to its name. The good news is that it lives the name down, emitting scents of cocoa beans and rose petals, according to a recent favorable review. Like the blue line, the reds have their own Krush version of mini-cigars. These are infused with the same components as the Liquid.

For a mellower experience, Drew Estate offers the gold line of acid cigars. The Acid Atom Maduro is the only acid cigar where the tobacco itself eclipses the herbal additives in terms of taste and aroma. Earthiness, on the other hand, contains white pepper to enhance the flavor and smell. This may be the reason that Earthiness is considered the fullest bodied of the acids. Cold Infusion Tea is akin to a scented candle, giving the smoker a whiff of freshly cut pine and homemade peach cobbler. Again, Drew Estate offers smaller Krush versions of this smooth line.

The purple line is all about aroma, though taste is still an important factor. The Roam has a pleasant creamy flavor, but is dominated by a floral scent. Roses and sweet spices mark the aroma of Extra Ordinary Larry, which is the most botanically dense of all the acid cigars. If a shorter smoke is desired, the C-Note is available as a cigarillo with no reduction in flavor or distinctive smell. All four lines provide variety in taste and smell by formulating numerous infusion combinations. In so doing, the widest range of cigar smokers are satisfied.

Such popularity is evident when sales are tabulated. Acid cigars rank as top sellers among many large cigar retailers that market acids to newbie smokers and veteran aficionados as a way to break the routine. Forty percent of Drew Estate’s 30-million dollar income is attributed to the sale of acid cigars. Ordering their supplies from the factory in Esteli, Nicaragua months in advance, online retailers like Gotham Cigars recognize the careful and lengthy process required to obtain these quality cigars. Because the makers of acid cigars value their retail partners, Gotham and other sellers can buy and sell acids at discounted prices.

Retailers and Manufacturers

The significance of the relationship between cigar retailers and cigar manufacturers cannot be understated. In the interest of passing on the savings, sellers must be able to fetch a fairly cheap price when obtaining their inventories. Before risking markdowns at the wholesale level, on the other hand, cigar makers must have confidence that the retailer can move the product. Globally, cigar sales rose by nine percent in 2011, the U.S. being the largest market. This is good news, but manufacturers do not view all retailers as equal. Established sales and marketing operations with proven track records will always have the advantage when negotiating prices.

For over 10 years, Gotham Cigars has been moving acid cigars at competitive prices and with superior customer service. Fast and secure shipping are combined with an ordering process that ensures privacy and security. Special offers are available regularly. In addition to acid cigars, Gotham has an expansive inventory of handmade, machine-made, and filtered cigars, as well as cigarillos, cigar tins, and humidors. Gift certificates are available on request. Combining high-end products with cheap prices, Gotham Cigars is a one-stop shopping site for cigar lovers. Visit this retailer at

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Cigar Information

August 19, 2011

Cigar Reviews for Premium Cigars

cigar reviews

Cigar Reviews can be a great tool for those new to cigar smoking or those who are already cigar aficionados looking to research and try new cigars. For those new to premium cigar smoking there are many things to take into consideration such as size, color, shape, and strength as well as how to care for your cigars.

If you are shopping at a retail store you can always ask your tobacconists, or if you are looking for an online cigar store you can visit websites such as to find in-depth information on the above mentioned cigar attributes.  You can also find some really good information at Gotham Cigars such as: how can you tell if a cigar is fresh, what is the difference between short filler and long filler, and how to properly light your cigar.

If you are looking to make smoking cigars an enjoyable hobby the information you’ll find on cigar reviews will ensure you get the most out of your cigar smoking experience.  I mean if you don’t get the proper cigar for your tastes it could be a short lived hobby.  Let’s say you do get the right cigars but you don’t know how to properly humidify the cigars, again you may not get the cigar smoking experience you are looking for.

Finding the Right Cigar Review

Now that we have discussed some information about getting the proper cigars and caring for them lets discuss cigar reviews a bit.  There are many websites and blogs that write cigar reviews and rate cigars on the web.  Cigar reviews are usually developed by someone who has been enjoying premium cigars for years and can describe not just the quality and construction of the cigar but can really get into the nuisances of the cigar.

cigar reviewsThese nuisances can include flavors or tastes as well as aromas and smoke produced.    Every cigar is unique and produces its own set of attributes.  For example if you read an Acid Kubba Kubba Cigar Review you will read that this cigar produces a sweet floral taste and is a mild-to-medium bodied cigar.  Another cigar rating may declare that an  Avo Cigar is mild and has flavor characteristics such as hazelnut, coffee, nutmeg, light spicy/nutty flavor, and a hint of white pepper.  You will find that there are many premium cigar brands out there such as Rocky Patel Cigars, Arturo Fuente Cigars, and CAO Cigars to name a few and each brand contains many different cigars with different attributes.

Perform Your Own Cigar Reviews

When it is all said and done everyone’s palate and sense of smell is different so some trial and error will be needed to find the perfect cigar that is right for you.  I think it would be safe to say that there may be more than one perfect cigar for each person as you may enjoy a certain cigar after a meal versus a different cigar with a fine spirit.  It really just depends on you and your taste.  Good luck in your cigar hunt and Happy Smokes!

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Cigar Information

August 12, 2011

Cigar Information about Cigars in Movies and Politics

cigar reviewsCigar smoking is a time honored tradition that has been enjoyed since before tobacco was introduced to Europe in 1942 by Christopher Columbus. Today there are many different types of cigars and cigar brands that fall into machine made cigar and handmade or premium cigar categories.  Recent tax increases have turned many cigarette smokers onto filtered and little cigars such as Phillies Little Cigars and Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars to name a few.  While these machine made cigar brands are seeing new customers, premium cigars such as Rocky Patel and Arturo Fuente are still associated with status.  How many times have been watching a movie, looked at magazine, or seen rich lifestyle status associated with a fine spirit such as scotch and delicious looking premium handmade cigar?

cigar infomationCigars in Movies and Politics

From movies to politics premium cigars have been used to show wealth and power.  After all who could forget the 1983 American crime drama Scarface and Tony Montana’s Cuban Cigar?  If Scarface wasn’t the epitome of wealth and power then I don’t know who is.  As far as politics goes look no further than the beloved ex governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger who has also played some iconic movie characters including Conan the Barbarian and the Terminator.  It seems that it is not hard to find a picture or read an article involving a cigar and some mention of the ex governor.

If we talk about popularity, the U.S. is the top consuming country by far followed by Germany and the UK.  The U.S. and Western Europe account for about 75% of cigar sales worldwide.  Cigars have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, helping the economy of many third world countries. For example tobacco export and cigar manufacturing is one of the mainstays of the Nicaraguan economy, generating the country millions of dollars yearly. In the U.S. consumers spent an estimated $90 billion in 2006 on tobacco products, and approximately $3.2 billion was spent on cigars.

cigar reviewsTwo firms dominate the cigar industry. Altadis, the world’s largest cigar producer produces cigars in the United States, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras, and has a 50% stake in Corporación Habanos in Cuba. It also makes cigarettes. Swedish Match, the second largest producer, produces cigars in Honduras, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, the United States, and the Dominican Republic; it also makes chewing and pipe tobacco, snuff, lighters, and matches.

Cigars have been a part of our history for so long. Today not only men, but women also enjoy this old tradition.  Modern women tend to like cigar smoking for the same reasons that men do; the taste, the aroma, or the social experience that comes from sharing a smoke with other women or men.

 The Future of Cigars

Cigars have come a long way and with new technology we have faster production time and a wider variety of products. With the birth of the internet many non-traditional online cigar stores have become increasingly popular allowing easy access to hundreds of cigar brands and products.  Being an industry that has held to old practices and customs, little by little the cigar industry has become more modernize, introducing electronic cigarettes and who knows what could be next.

Want to buy cigars online? Gotham Cigars is an online cigar store that carries all major brands and caters to both the handmade cigar and machine made cigar markets. Gotham Cigars offers a great selection of premium cigars, machine made cigars, filtered cigars, and little cigars; all at discount prices.

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