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July 23, 2013

Saddle up and Take a Ride on the Wild Side with the Dark Horse Filtered Cigar

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Dark Horse Filtered Cigars are made in the USA by A&T tobacco, using premium tobaccos that are wrapped in a thin tobacco leaf, making for a pleasant aroma and slow burn.

Dark Horse Filtered Cigar

Dark Horse Filtered Cigar

The Dark Horse brand has established itself as a favorite in the Central and Midwestern regions of the US because of its low value price point. This regional following has allowed Dark Horse to develop a niche market that caters to the heartland of the country.

The term dark horse is usually seen in the sports world. It’s that no name school in the middle of nowhere that ruined your March Madness bracket, or that NFL team that was expected to have a sub .500 season but instead it held up the Lombardi trophy. A dark horse sneaks up on an unsuspecting target and the shock of its arrival usually sends its prey scurrying away crying for its mommy. The Dark Horse filtered cigar is no different. This filtered cigar is available for the smoker who dares to venture onto the ranch and take a ride on the wild side. Those who do decide to saddle up better be prepared to take the reins and hold on tight because the rich flavor of the dark horse filtered cigar is sure to have you pulling back to savor its strong taste.

Are you brave enough to take a ride on the wild side and explore one of the five tantalizing flavors of the Dark Horse filtered cigar? If you are the intrepid soul brave enough to take the challenge, then which flavor will it be?  Will you try the cherry flavor that is sure to knock you right off your feet, or will you try to tame the menthol flavor teeming with a blast of cool minty flavor? You’re on the conservative side you say? Don’t fret my friend. We have a Dark Horse wild flavor ensured to give just the right kick, although you still may stumble along the way. Dark Horse full flavor is on call for the smoker who loves to dive in head first and scoffs at those who prefer to take it slow. Last but not least, Gotham Cigars offers a vanilla flavored Dark Horse ready to give an unforgettable experience. Channel your inner Dark Horse and light one up today.

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January 21, 2013

Tips for Selecting a New Cigar to Add to Your Collection

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Here are some great tips to keep in mind when selecting a cigar to add to your collection!

There are so many well known brands in the cigar world that carry great sticks.  When selecting a cigar to try or add to your collection, it may seem overwhelming due to how many there are, unless you are like the cigar connoisseurs out there who are determined to try them all.  Selecting a cigar is easier than you think.

The first step to selecting a cigar is deciding what strength you want your cigar to have.  A bit of advice, it is never a good idea to select a cigar just due to the fact that it is strong; there are many other things that go into selecting a cigar.  Here is a tip, when looking at the appearance of a cigar you haven’t smoked before, you can actually tell if it is going to be a full body smoke or a more mild smoke based on the thickness of the wrapper.  The thicker the wrapper, the more full bodied it will likely be.

Assuming that as a cigar smoker you have experienced enough to know what level of body you prefer, the next step in selecting a cigarto try is to determine the size that you want.  When choosing the size of your cigar that you want to smoke, it is important to think about how long you want to be smoking.  Bigger gauge sticks deliver lots of smoke as well as flavor, and the medium gauge sticks are a more even balance of both.

Selecting a cigar? Try the Oliva Cain Habano

Selecting a cigar? Try the Oliva Cain Habano

A great new stick to add to your collection is the Oliva Cain line of cigars.  The Cain cigars were released by Oliva in 2009 under the Nub fame.  What makes these cigars so unique is that they are made from 100% Ligero tobacco, yes the wrapper, the binder and the filler are all Ligero!  When first hearing this, some cigar smokers might be put off from this cigar because the fact that it is 100% Ligero typically means that it will be very strong.   The blend of Ligero tobacco in the Cain Habano comes from Condega, Estili and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua.

Visually this cigar is dark brown in color with not many large veins. This full flavored cigar gives off a coffee flavor similar to that of a French roast. After lighting cigar, there are noticeable flavors of dark chocolate and a hint of a spicy peppery flavor as you continue smoking it. This cigar is one of Oliva’s best bold smokes without being too harsh. It has a nice smooth essence to it and would be a great new unique addition to any humidor.

The Cain Daytona is another unique cigar from the Oliva Cain line. This stick has a medium, light brown Nicaraguan Habano wrapper with a few visible veins.  The Ligero filler offers a medium taste with a creamy smoothness. With the first few puffs there are notes of spice, earthy flavors and a hint of sweetness. This medium to full flavor stick is a great addition to any humidor looking for a bold, smooth new cigar.

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