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November 1, 2013

The Making of America’s Best Selling Cigar, Macanudo Cigars

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Macanudo Cigars is the best selling premium cigars in the US.  Read the ins and outs of Macanudo Cigar making as well as Gotham’s Free Club Macanudo Callaway Golf Bag.

Gotham Cigars Club Macanudo Callaway Golf Bag Giveaway

For a limited time, Gotham Cigars is giving away a Free Callaway Hyper-Lite 3.0 Golf Bag. This golf bag is direct from the elegant New York City cigar lounge, Club Macanudo. This 3lb, 6 pocket golf bag has the Club Macanudo name and logo embroidered on the side. To enter, all you have to do it enter your name and email address. The Club Macanudo Callaway Hyper-Lite 3.0 Golf Bag retails for $199.00, but for one lucky winner, this high quality golf bag will be free!  The contest is located on our Gotham Cigars Fan Page.  Macanudo Cigars are the best selling cigar in the US, so for your next golfing trip don’t forget your Macanudo cigar and enter to win this Free Callaway Golf Bag.

There is so much that goes into the making of “America’s Best Selling Premium Cigars”, Macanudo Cigars.  The very first Macanudo cigar was carefully handcrafted in 1968, and every cigar since then has been made in the same high quality fashion.  Many people think that cigar making is just the process of harvesting the tobacco and rolling the premium cigars loved by many, but there is so much more that goes into making them.  For instance, Macanudo employs a team of highly skilled agronomists that take the time to prepare the soil before a seed even goes into the soil.  Before planting tobacco seeds the agronomists make sure that the pH level and the special nutrients are ideal for growing their tobacco.  Once the tobacco harvest has matured the leaves then go through an air curing process for 30 days where they are hung in wooden barns, but that isn’t the end.  After that process the tobacco leaves then go through further fermentation for 6 months at least which allow the tobacco leaves to achieve the deep aroma, color and flavor found in Macanudo cigars.

Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigars

The next step for the tobacco leaves is for the Macanudo wrappers to be packed away in barrels and left to age for at least 2 years.  Once the aging process is over the filler tobacco for the Macanudo is packed into Dominican rum barrels which allows the tobacco to mature even more as well as take on additional flavors that are present.  When the tobacco leaves are ready, Macanudo’s highly skilled artisans go through each and every leaf to make sure they fit the requirements for Macanudo Cigars based on color, texture, size and so much more.  After the construction of the Macanudo cigar, they do one extra step to keep their cigars above and beyond their competitors.  They age the finished cigar in a cedar lined room in order to enhance the flavor of the cigar even more.

The many different processes of making Macanudo Cigars may sounds simple, even after ready this, but there is so much time and care that go into the making of each and every stick.  They even take the time to make sure that the cigar band is in the exact same spot on each and every cigar.  This high quality, and perfected craft is what keeps Macanudo Cigars, America’s best selling premium cigars.

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October 9, 2013

Girls, Cars and Cigars. You Can Have it All With the CAO Flathead!

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If you love pinup girls, hot rod/muscle cars, and cigars then you need to try the bold and spicy CAO Flathead!

CAO Flathead

CAO Flathead Cigars

One fact pretty well know about most men is there are three big loves in their life; cars, cigars, and girls.  Knowing this is true, CAO cigar line decided to try and create a cigar that would hit those three points, and that is exactly what they did with the CAO Flathead cigar line.  The CAO Flathead cigar was first announced at the IPCPR 2013 Trade Show and it was also stated that they would be available as soon as September rolled around.  Obviously we wanted to get out hand on these unique cigars as soon as we could, and as of a few days ago you can now find them here at Gotham Cigars!

The CAO Flathead was inspired by a series of conversations the cigar maker was having.  He noticed that the conversations he’d been having with people recently seemed to involve the same topics; girls, cars and cigars.  The CAO Flathead cigar line brings together a 50’s and 60’s looking engine block cigar box, collectible flysheet with a pin up girl on it and premium box pressed cigars.  The CAO Flathead was created to hit all 3 points that draw male’s attention, muscle cars, girls and cigars.  The unique design of the Flathead cigar box resembles an old engine block which hits at men’s love for cars while also giving them great quality premium cigars.  The lid of the Flathead box also doubles as wall art for any man cave just put the Flathead cigars into a humidor and hang up the engine block lid.

CAO Flathead Cigar Box

CAO Flathead Cigar Box

The Flathead is available in four different sizes all of which are named after different hot rod engine parts.  The 4 sizes are the V642 Piston which is 6 ½ x 42; the V554 Camshaft which is 5 ½ x 54; the V660 Carb which is 6×60; and the biggest Flathead of all, the V770 Big Block which is 7×70.  This big and bold cigar packs a huge punch every time you light one up, and at such a great price this punch sure won’t be felt in your wallet.  The CAO Flathead cigar box is available for $114.95-$150.95 a box.   The CAO Flathead is handcrafted with a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Connecticut Habano binder and Nicaraguan filler that is also mixed with a little bit of Dominican tobacco.  The CAO Flathead is a big and bold cigar that packs a huge punch with every smoke and is not recommended for first time cigar smokers.  These cigars are a spicy and bold, full bodied smoke that is sure to be loved by all cigar smokers, it just may be a little bit much for a cigar rookie, but there is no harm trying if it sounds like a good cigar to you.

CAO Cigars never fail to impress cigar lovers with new blends year after year.  Here at Gotham Cigars we take great pride in our ability to offer one of the country’s largest and freshest selections of premium cigars, including the high quality and well loved CAO cigars.  The many CAO Cigars carried at Gotham provide an enjoyable tasty smoke that burns well and smells great before and after it is lit.  CAO cigars are known by cigar lovers for their high quality cigars as well as their innovative cigar lines and packaging, and the CAO Flathead is just another reminder of the great cigars that come from CAO.  Go ahead and take a trip back in the past to the times of hot rods, pin up girls and great cigars with the CAO Flathead cigars.



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October 3, 2013

History of Tailgating and a Cigar Sampler to Make This Year Better!

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For Football fans, Football season means it’s time to pick your Fantasy Football team, start your rituals that ensure good juju or good luck on your team and Sunday night Football, but most importantly, time for tailgating!

Die hard football fans gather in the parking lot hours before kick-off to enjoy some great food, beer and socializing.  Tailgating is a time where fans of the same team can show support for their team as well as meet fellow fans and celebrate the game before it starts.  A fun fact about tailgating is the fact that 35% of the people who participate, don’t actually stay to watch the game.  Tailgating is one of America’s most loved part of Football season, but not everyone knows how this pregame event got its start.

1970s Tailgating

The history of tailgating dates back to over a century ago.  This pastime was actually started as a sign of Civil War patriotism, which then evolved into a form of team comradery.  The basics of food at drink making up tailgating actually got its start in 1861 at the Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War.  Civilians would gather on both sides of the battle with food in hand as their cheered on their soldiers.  While this may not have been the safest thing for these civilians to do, it was the first sign of team comradery in the history of American tailgating.



The next step of the evolution was the invention of the Chuckwagon.  The Chuckwagon was a US Army wagon that was converted into a wagon with a grill on the back by a man named Charles Goodnight.  This Texas rancher used the invented the Chuckwagon so that he could be able to feed his cowboys when they weren’t near the ranch.  The Chuckwagon became a great meeting place for cowboys to gather around for food and socializing.  The history of tailgating and the evolution into what it is now shows that this event is a great balance of celebration and fandom, food and socializing, and above all things, team spirit.  Tailgating plays a huge part in football season in the American culture.  It is an pastime that has become more and more popular over the years and will continue to evolve in better ways in the years to come.

Cigars have always been an item found in celebration, whether you choose to smoke a cigar in honor of a new job, new addition to your family, weddings, or just because every day is something to celebrate.  As you can see it is a no brainer as to why cigars are making their way into tailgating. The pre-game party is one of the best parts of Football season, and now Punch Cigars brings you a great Tailgating Sampler Pack just in time to make your football festivities this year even better.  Everyone knows that when you tailgate at a football game you are doing so with many people, so don’t be stingy and bring just one cigar that you love, bring a bunch to share.

Punch Tailgate Cigar Sampler

Cigar samplers make is easy to share with friends, family or just others around you while you are tailgating before the football game.  The Punch Tailgating Sampler Pack includes 4 premium blends including the Punch Magnum Natural, Punch Rothschild Double Maduro, Punch Gran Puro Rancho Natural, and Punch Grand Cru Robustos Maduro as well as a Punch bottle opener.  If you bring this cigar sampler to your next pregame experience you are sure to make some new friends, there is enough to share!  This year cheer on your favorite team with some great cigars, and with a bottle opener included, all you really need to make your football experience even better is a six pack of your favorite beer!

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Cigar Information,Handmade Cigar Reviews

September 25, 2013

The Growth of Montecristo Cigars to the Release of the Monte

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One of the most iconic and popular cigar brands in the cigar market today, Montecristo, continues to create different and new masterpiece handmade, premium cigars such as the Monte.

On a sunny day in Cuba during the year 1935 a man named Alonso Menendez decided he wanted to make premium cigars, so he purchased the Particulares Factory.  Okay so maybe it wasn’t a sunny day, I don’t know for sure, but what I do know for sure is that after Menendez envisioned making premium cigars, he came out with arguably the most popular cigar brand on the market to this day; Montecristo.  A fun fact about the brand is that it was named after the famous novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.”  When this brand first got its start, it was thought of in the industry as a super premium blend due to the quality tobacco that was used in the making of these various sticks.  It didn’t take long for Alonso Menendez to see success, but the Cuban Revolution and the nationalization of the cigar industry in 1961 led to some big changes for the brand.  Initially they fled to the Canary Islands so that they could re-establish the brand, but they ran into trademark issues with Cuban tobacco, so they made another move to relocate their operation to the Dominican Republic.  There they opened a new factory where they essentially started from scratch and also decided that they would release the Montecristo cigars for the US market.

Premium Cigars Logo

Premium Cigars Logo

Fast forward many years to today.  Altadis is now the owner, marketer and distributor of the Montecristo brand.  Over the years Altadis has continued to grow the brand by creating over 90 different sizes, wrappers and shapes of the traditional Montecristo cigar as well as create many different cigar lines branching off of the brand.  Altadis expanded the line with cigars such as the Epic as well as with several other unique, limited edition regional cigars with unique blends for Texas, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York.   The most recent extension of the brand is the Monte.  The Monte is actually the 3rd spin off of the brand.  The Monte was released at the  International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show in July

Monte by Montecristo Cigars

Monte Cigars

The Monte cigars are handmade with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a double binder of Dominican Olor and Vintage Nicaraguan, and well-aged Dominican filler tobacco.  The double binder and well-aged Dominican filler in this stick makes the Monte an unforgettable cigar.  The Monte is the most robust cigar from Montecristo so far, offering the smoker a complex, spicy and flavorful smoking experience.  The Monte is available in three sizes, the Monte which is 6×60, the Jacopo No. 2 which is 6 1/8×54, and the Conde which is 5 1/2 x48.

The Monte is a distinguished smoke perfect for anyone’s humidor.  While the name my be short, don’t be fooled, because this stick packs a big punch.  The double binder used in the Monte creates a lot of complexity and depth throughout the entire smoke ensuring you have an unforgettable experience every time you light up one of these premium cigars.  The Monte is a bold smoke sure to be loved by many cigar connoisseurs, especially if you already know and love the cigars from the Montecristo line from Altadis.   The Monte cigars come packaged in eye-catching designed boxes containing 16 sticks per box.

Montecristo is one of the most iconic cigar brands on the cigar market.  The high quality reputation of Montecristo cigars makes them extremely popular and sought after by many cigar connoisseurs.  The ability for the brand to come out with so many different premium blends and flavors, like the Monte, is what keeps this cigar brand among the most popular cigars in the world.    These hand-crafted cigars are made in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory and are available in a variety of premium blends, many of which are available at Gotham Cigars.

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