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Buy Cigar Humidor Online

Buy a Cigar Humidor Online

Buy a Cigar Humidor online and save at GothamCigars.com - Browse our ample selection of cigar humidors - click here.When you buy a cigar humidor online, there are certain signs you want to watch for so you are not sold a cheap humidor that won’t protect your cigars. In fact cheap humidors can cost you money. Quite simply they leak, do not use the proper wood and worst of all, they will cause you to throw away cigars that could have been smoked. This is why, when buying a cigar humidor online you want to have all the facts before you choose one of the humidors for sale on ours or any site.

The history of the Cigar Humidor

The cigar humidor has been in use for at least the last 150 years to preserve the taste and quality of premium cigars. Terrence Manning, an Irish furniture maker is widely credited with creating the first cigar humidors in 1887 crafted out of exotic woods that kept cigars at the right moisture content level. Since then, the craft of creating humidors has spread worldwide.

Exotic woods such as mahogany or Spanish cedar are the norm for construction of the inner reaches of the cigar humidor. These woods are chosen to their ability to retain moisture and release it over time to keep cigars moist and full of flavor.

Spanish Cedar is widely used in the construction of the trays and inner lining of a cigar humidor - browse all of our cigar humidors - click here.Almost all premium cigar humidors sold online or in local cigar shops use Spanish cedar for the construction of the box itself and the drawers for storing your cigars. Spanish cedar is preferred as it has several unique properties that make it ideal for cigar humidors. Spanish cedar has a high humidity absorption capacity which ensures maintaining a stable climate. It also provides protection from tobacco worms, supports the cigar’s aging process and has a positive effect on the flavor of the cigars. A cigar humidor made of inferior cedar types can actually flavor a cigar with a strong “woody” flavor.   All of GothamCigar.com’s cigar humidors are made to exacting standards that ensure that your sticks will always be flavorful and give you the perfect smoke.

Recently, some cigar aficionado’s have started using an electronic humidor humidifier. This ingenious device circulates air and maintains a stable 70% humidity while also controlling the temperature. The electronic cigar humidifier fits inside your large humidor and uses a silent fan to circulate air in your humidor, virtually eliminating mold and other fungi, to create the perfect cigar storage environment.

What a cigar humidor does

Cigar humidors are designed to maintain a specific humidity level and temperature, as well as to allow controlled airflow for your premium cigars. Handmade cigars that are maintained in an environment of between 68% and 72% humidity last longer, taste better and will not dry out and lose flavor.

GothamCigars.com cigar humidors come complete with a Gel Crystal Humidifier Jar, which you simply open up and place inside your cigar humidor to maintain a constant 70% humidity level for up to 90 days before needing to be replaced. In addition, all of our cigar humidors include a brass Hygrometer, which allows you to monitor the specific humidity that your premium cigars are stored at.

The Cigar Humidor Selection at GothamCigars.com

At GothamCigars.com, we only sell the best cigar humidor selection including small humidors, medium humidors and large humidors. We also carry an expanding travel humidor and cigar caddy line. We have glass top cigar humidor cabinets, cigar cases and humidor cigar accessories all in one place.

We sell our own Gotham Cigar Humidors finished in stunning Cherry Wood or exotic Wood Burl with Cherry wood inlays that hold up to 200 cigars and are manufactured to our exacting standards. A cigar humidor is essential for storing cigars and extracting the best smoke possible. Check out our large selection of cigar humidors, and start enjoying a better smoke.

Browse all of our Cigar Humidors. Click here.

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