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Cigar Humidors have been used for at least the last 150 years to preserve the taste and quality of premium cigars.  Terrence Manning, an Irish furniture maker is widely credited with creating the first cigar humidors in 1887 crafted out of exotic woods that kept cigars at the right moisture content level.

 Cigar humidors are designed to maintain a specific humidity level and temperature, as well as to allow controlled airflow for your premium cigars.  Handmade cigars that are maintained in an environment of between 68% and 72% humidity last longer, taste better and will not dry out and lose flavor. 


GothamCigars.com cigar humidors come complete with a Gel Crystal Humidifier Jar, which you simply open up and place inside your cigar humidor to maintain a constant 70% humidity level for up to 90 days before needing to be replaced.  In addition, all of our cigar humidors include a brass Hygrometer, which allows you to monitor the specific humidity that your premium cigars are stored at.


At GothamCigars.com, we maintain a large selection of cigar humidors, travel humidors, glass top cigar humidor cabinets, cigar cases and humidor cigar accessories.  All premium cigar humidors use Spanish cedar for the construction of the box itself and the drawers for storing your cigars.  Spanish cedar is preferred as it has several properties that make it ideal for cigar humidors.  Spanish cedar has a high humidity absorption capacity which ensures maintaining a stable climate.  It also provides protection from tobacco worms, supports the cigar’s aging process and has a positive effect on the flavor of the cigars.  Cigar humidors made of inferior cedar types can actually flavor a cigar with a strong “woody” flavor.   All of GothamCigar.com’s cigar humidors are made to exacting standards that ensure that your sticks will always be flavorful and give you the perfect smoke.


We sell our own Gotham Cigar Humidors finished in Cherry wood or wood Burl with Cherry wood inlays that hold up to 200 cigars and are manufactured to our exacting standards.  A cigar humidor is essential for storing cigars and extracting the best smoke possible.  Check out our large selection of cigar humidors, and start enjoying a better smoke.


Once you have a storage solution such as a beautiful Gotham Burl Cigar Humidor, you will also want to outfit your smoking passion with the best cigar lighters, cigar cutters and other smoking accessories.


At Gotham, we know that cigar smoking is a lifestyle choice.  One that you are proud of.  This is why we carry only the best selection of refillable butane cigar lighters, torch lighters and jet lighters.  As a cigar smokers gift or for yourself, a cigar lighter is always welcome.  We feature a complete line of torch lighters that are reliable and even windproof.  If you are looking for top of the line, you may want to try a twin flame jet lighter with a fold out cigar punch or one of our Lotus brand single action push button cigar lighters. Whatever cigar lighter you choose, you’ll always get a clean consistent flame for torching your stick. 



When it comes to cigar cutters, GothamCigars.com carries a terrific selection of truly impressive cigar cutters.  Cigar Cutters are an essential cigar aficionado’s tool when it comes to smoking the perfect stogie.  All of our cigar cutters allow for a quick, accurate cut that produces the perfect draw.  A cigar cutter can come in a guillotine or V shaped configuration.  There are even punch cigar cutters that fit on your key ring.  A truly distinctive cigar cutter also makes a great gift for smokers.  Check out all of our cigar cutters here.


Finally, you’ll want an ashtray for your cigar ash.  But an ordinary ashtray is not built for a premium cigar.  You want a cigar ashtray that holds your stogie and doesn’t affect the burn.  Using a cigarette ashtray can also be dangerous, as a full size cigar will often not fit comfortably in the small indentations not designed for premium cigars. We have a selection of cigar ashtrays that is truly unique.  Treat yourself, or the cigar smoker in your life to an ashtray that befits their premium cigar hobby.

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