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How To Cut A Cigar

How To Cut A Cigar Correctly

Using a cigar cutter is how to cut a cigar correctly.  Click here to browse our selection of cigar cutters.To answer the question of how to cut a cigar, we want to examine what we are actually cutting and how to best approach it for your particular taste. You may be the True Grit type who likes to bite off the end of the cigar with your teeth or use a pocket knife to “notch” the end . Cutting a cigar in this way may be a boost to your machismo; it probably doesn’t ensure the best smoke at the end of the day.  Using an imprecise method such as biting the end off could possibly damage the cigar’s structure.

Cigar cutters are precision designed with one purpose, to snip off part of the cap or flag leaf that encloses the cigar. Typically you want to remove about 2 millimeters from the end. This can be measured very exactly with a cigar cutter. The general rule of thumb is to look for the place on the shoulder of the cigar where the curved part of the end starts to flatten out. A guillotine cigar cutter is typically the easiest way to make this type of precise cut.

cigar-cap-how-to-cut-a-cigar.jpg    perfect-cut-how-to-cut-a-cigar.jpg    v-cut-how-to-cut-a-cigar.jpg

Alternatively, another method of how to cut a cigar is a V cut. Both types of cuts will produce an opening that allows a great draw from both the middle and the edges of the cigar. This results in a more even burn for the entire experience. A V cut cigar slices out only a V shaped notch in the cigar as shown in the picture above. This is sometimes referred to as a “cat’s eye” cut. 

The Best Cigar Cutters

Beyond how to cut a cigar, is what to cut it with. Now that you know the terms the cigar aficionado’s use for cutting cigars, you are ready to purchase a cigar cutter. Cheap cigar cutters, are just that – cheap. They can produce an inaccurate cut which can lead to an unpleasant cigar smoking experience. No one wants cigar tobacco in their mouth or to destroy the end of a cigar. We feature the Xikar cigar cutter line, as well as cigar cutters from Colibri and Lotus. We even have our own single blade guillotine cigar cutter. Whichever cigar cutter you choose, you can rest assured that we offer only the best cigar cutters on the market today.

Free Cigar Cutter 

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Happy smoking.

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