90+ Rated Cigars

Gotham Cigars features a vast selection of premium and super premium hand made cigars Top Rated 90+ by Cigar Aficionado, the premier cigar and lifestyle magazine. Each cigar reviewed by their editors is meticulously critiqued on several factors including the cigar's appearance, construction, smoking characteristics and overall impression.

Other central factors of top cigars rated 90+ are the aromas or flavors and the balance of these various characteristics that give the cigar its overall taste. Cigar Aficionado magazine reviews thousands of cigars by a panel of experts on premium handmade cigars from around the world. The premium cigars that are honored with a 90+ rating are the crème de la crème. Find a great selection of top premium cigars rated 90+ including Gurkha Cellar ReservePadronArturo Fuente, and more. These cigars are a must have for any serious cigar smoker's humidor.