Alec Bradley Black Market Cigars


Alec Bradley Black Market cigars will floor you with their flavor, smoke and quality. These cigars are packed with tobaccos that have been harvested in four different countries, including Honduras and the Panamas.

The beautiful blend is another classy creation of Alan Rubin, the founder of Alec Bradley. The secret mix is aged expertly to achieve perfect balance in flavor. The intensity and richness is further enhanced by silky Nicaraguan Jalapa Maduro wrappers and zesty Sumatra binders that secure each cigar. With every drag, different flavors will play on your palate. A hint of Juniper-infused sweetness accompanies notes of pepper and a medley of other spices, making these cigars perfect for both novice and seasoned smokers. The creamy smoke has an earthy aroma and it takes you into a world of pure luxury. The slow burn, with a lingering finish, ensures that the robust flavors stay with you even after you’re done smoking.

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