Baby Birth

Arturo Fuente Cigars

Arturo Fuente Baby Birth Cigars are made to celebrate a special occasion—the birth of a child! Whether it's a boy or a girl, celebrate it in style with these cigars. Let your cigar smoke reflect your happiness. Select the It's A Girl or It's A Boy pack, and smoke a cigar that announces your joy to the world.

The Arturo Fuente brand is renowned for creating excellent handcrafted cigars. It offers special cigars that are made for proud parents to celebrate the birth of their children. The filler is a fine blend of choice Dominican tobaccos, and the binder is also Domincan. The wrapper is a sharp and aromatic Cameroon tobacco leaf. Light up these cigars and mark the delightful occasion with a flavorful smoke. You can get these cigars in an appropriate packaging, whether it's to commemorate the birth of a girl or a boy.

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