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Ashton Cabinets are cigars that provide a medium to full-bodied smoke, and are stronger than the Ashton Classics. Ashton is a cigar company that has successfully partnered with the Fuente family to create excellent cigars. Ashton calls the Cabinet brand the ‘White Burgundy’ of its offerings, a classy cigar that has tobaccos of a fine vintage.
Ashton Cabinets are meaty cigars filled with a lot of different tobaccos, which give it a rich taste. These filler-blend tobaccos are all of Dominican origin, and the binder used is also Dominican. These cigar are wrapped in a red-tinted Connecticut-shade wrapper. These cigar are not just a great smoke but they are also easy on the eye.
The filler blend consists of different tobaccos and a combination of different primings. From seed to cigar, the tobacco takes up to seven years to wind up in the final product. The tobacco blend is aged for five years. The Connecticut-shade wrapper tobacco is also aged for an extra year before it becomes a luxuriant cover for this skillfully blended cigar.
The Ashton Cabinet Selection cigar starts with a hint of oak, a bit of pepper and other spices, and then a nice flavor of nuts creeps in. Later, this is joined by a roasted aroma. The cigar provides a rich, creamy smoke and the flavors continue to evolve. Besides the flavors mentioned above, there are additional hints of hay, cocoa and coffee. This cigar, handmade at Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic, comes in many shapes and sizes. These cigars are available in Parejo or Perfecto varieties. 

Wrapper: Ecuador, USA/ Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Handmade in: Santiago, Dominican Republic

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