Backwoods Cigars


Backwoods Cigars are the world’s number one natural cigars. These machine-made cigars are high in quality and known for their rustic appearance. They are perfect for those who like to spend time outdoors. Smoke these while being surrounded by nature and experience true happiness.

Backwoods Cigars  come in attractive packages and the cigars themselves look distinctive. Their wild look comes from their frayed ends and tapering bodies that have unfinished heads. This masculine look is further enhanced with top-notch Indonesian wrappers. These cigars are packed with fully natural, high-quality fillers. And many of these mellow tobacco blends have been infused with delightful contemporary flavors. 

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The rich, aromatic smoke of each cigar will gently allure your senses and relax you to the core. 
The original Wild N’ Mild has a classic taste and is a great alternative to traditional cigars. Black N’ Sweet Aromatic cigars are made with blackened natural leaves and offer a beautiful, bold and sweet taste. If you ‘re craving for a sweet, fragrant smoke, then the Sweet Aromatic cigars are perfect for you. Backwoods cigars also come in a unique and delightful combination, namely honey and berry. The sweet fruitiness of a Honey Berry cigar is refreshing and delightful. The Honey Bourbon flavor is absolutely brilliant when you’re short on time. Smoke these on the go and satisfy your craving. 

Backwoods cigars were first manufactured in 1981 and since then have been bestsellers. You can buy these cigars in packs of singles, doubles, fives or eights. They come in resealable foil pouches that help preserve their freshness and flavor. These cigars should be on your required list of gear when you go camping, hiking, fishing or trekking with friends.