Camacho Connecticut Cigars

Camacho Connecticut CigarsIt’s very easy to mistake mildness for weakness, but the Camacho Connecticut is anything but. It soothes your senses with its mild, smooth taste and still retains 100% Camacho quality. It’s a monumental task to scale back strength, without it impacting the flavor in any way and the Camacho Cigars Company delivers just that. 

This handmade beauty mixes earthy hints of nuts and cedar with hints of pepper and citrus resulting in a full-flavor experience that is accompanied by a medium strength, creating a beautiful, creamy and enjoyable experience. This is the cigar you’d want to light up any time and thus is widely referred to as the “Utility Cigar”. It can satisfy anyone at any time of the day, and is specially recommended to the milder smokers, who want to up their preferred level of intensity in a cigar, without the knock-out strength.

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