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  • Clipper Cigarillos Foil Pack Grape 4 for $0.99 upright & foilpack
  • Clipper Cigarillos Foil Pack Grape 4 for $0.99 foilpack

Clipper Cigarillos Foil Pack Grape 4 for 0.99

$31.00 (You save $15.01)

    Buy Clipper Cigarillos Grape 15x4 Pack Online

    Clipper Cigarillos' Grape cigars are delicious little cigars that will tickle your sensations. The fruity grape flavored cigarillos were first made in the Dominican Republic, and are known for their excellent quality. Clipper’s cigars are at par with other premium brands, and yet they cost so much less. They offer a smooth burn for maximum smoking pleasure, and you can light one up straight from the pack!

    You will enjoy smoking these machine-made cigars because they are smooth and flavorful. The grape flavor comes from natural ingredients, thus ensuring that you get to enjoy a distinct taste every time you take a drag. Clipper Cigarillos come in boxes which contain fifteen resealable foil pouches. These pouches hold four cigarillos each, thereby safeguarding the flavors and freshness of each cigar. These cigarillos promise to make your smoking experience a pleasurable one, every single time!

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    4 1/2 x 28 15 Packs of 4 Natural Strength Mild USA