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  • El Producto Little Coronas Pack
  • El Producto Little Coronas Box

El Producto Little Coronas Pack

$19.99 (You save $3.74)

    Buy El Producto Little Corona 5x5 Pack Online

    In many ways true to its historical reputation, El Producto Little Coronas Pack is an impeccable product that is filled with a flavorsome, imported Caribbean Basin-Seed tobacco. It is lauded for being one of the best products for an easy smoke, especially given its steady burning rate and short size. Experienced tobacco lovers have a special affinity for this product as it is one of the few that offers a slightly piquant, yet pleasant taste. The homogenized binder and natural leaf wrapper together even out the flavor and sets the cigar up for a great, aromatic smoke.

    These machine-made cigars were conceived almost a century ago in Puerto Rico and were once handmade by Puerto Rican and Cuban workers. They are now manufactured by Altadis in sets of 5 packs that each hold a quintet of cigars. Sized in lengths of 4 ⅝ inches with a ring gauge of 31, these cigars resemble smaller Coronas which are known for having a quick burn time.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    4 5/8 x 31 5 Packs of 5 Natural Strength Mild USA