Filtered Cigars

Filtered cigars are a range of affordable cigars that come with a filter which enhances the smoothness and draw. These machine-made stogies come with short fillers and offer a top-notch quality smoke like traditional cigars. They also feature premium tobaccos and a natural leaf wrapper for a bold flavor and filters infused with delicious flavors. This results in a stronger smoke that lasts longer than your normal cigarette. Its tobacco comes from a single source thereby yielding smooth and rich flavors.

People often mistake FC's with cigarettes as they offer a similar draw and feel to that of cigarettes. However, they differ from cigarettes in terms of flavors, smoke, wrapper and tobacco. These cigars must be smoked with patience and unlike a cigarette, the smoke shouldn’t be inhaled completely into the lungs after the puff.  They are meant to be enjoyed like premium cigars. 

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