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  • Game Cigarillos Grape 2 for $0.99 upright & foilpack
  • Game Cigarillos Grape 2 for $0.99 foilpack

Game Cigarillos Grape 2 for 0.99

$50.00 (You save $25.01)

    Buy Game Cigarillos Grape 30x2 Pack Online

    Game Grape Cigarillos are flavorful, aromatic cigars with the perfect synthesis of style and substance. The sensational combination of premium tobacco and tangy grape brings a unique, edgy flavor to the smoke, and truly separates these cigars from the crowd. The tobacco filler is held in place with a homogenized binder, while a natural wrapper adds smoothness to the cigar’s texture. The wrapper also lends the cigar a steady burn rate and helps balance out the young tobacco filler.

    These machine made cigars are manufactured and distributed by Swedish Match, and they are sold in packs of 2. Game Cigarillos Grape cigars are 4 ½ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28. Swedish Match packages these cigars in sealed, airtight pouches to preserve the moisture and freshness of the product. These sweet cigarillos are best enjoyed after dinner on a cool, summer night.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    4 1/2 x 28 30 Packs of 2 Natural Strength Mild USA