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  • Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Blackberry carton & pack
  • Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Blackberry pack

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Blackberry

$16.00 (You save $2.01)

    Golden Harvest Blackberry Filtered Cigars 10x20 Pack

    Golden Harvest Filtered Blackberry Cigars offer a refreshing smoke that demonstrates the superior quality of their filler. These cigars are composed of a homegrown tobacco from North Carolina and are infused with fruity undertones of blueberry, giving them an exciting edge. Try these cigars with a glass of red wine which will nicely accent the tinge of blueberry.

    You can smoke these cigars at any time of the day as the tobacco develops a smoke that is only mild in strength. They are just 3 ⅞ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 20, offering you a wonderfully quick treat. These cigars come with a filtering component that softens each whiff and prevents you from inhaling stray tobacco flakes. They are packaged in boxed sets which contain 10 packs, each with 20 pieces, and are produced by Rouseco Inc., a cigar company based in Kinston, North Carolina.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    3 7/8 x 20 10 Packs of 20 Natural Strength Mild USA