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Gotham’s Alec Bradley Bundle

$120.00 (You save $70.01)

    If you are looking for a great Father’s Day gift with unbeatable value, look no further. This Father’s Day we have been working to create some amazing offers and bundles. Gotham’s Alec Bradley Bundle is just one of the amazing deals this Father’s Day. In this great bundle give your Dad the best cigar gift, a Capri Humidor, Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto 5 Pack, a custom Gotham Cigars lighter and cutter as well as a bottle of Gotham Cigars Humidor Solution. The Capri Humidor secures up to 50 premium cigars and is beautifully crafted with a handsome mahogany finish. Nothing would look better in the Capri Humidor than some highly sought after, Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto cigars! This cigar is a medium to full smoke that is very easy to smoke, making it a perfect choice for any time of the day. The flavors are good throughout the entire smoke and it is a consistent, even burn from start to finish. The Gotham’s Alec Bradley Bundle includes a key part of smoking a cigar, the cutter and lighter. The custom Gotham Jet Flame Lighter is another attractive and affordable lighter in the long line of Xikar’s Premium Lighters and is the perfect choice for any cigar smoker. Of course all these cigars won’t be smoked in one day, that’s why the Gotham Cigars Humidor Solution is of great value in this bundle. The Gotham Cigars Humidor Solution will automatically regulate the humidity in your humidor at 70% RH, ensuring a humidor fresh smoke every time. This amazing bundle is perfect for the cigar smoking Dad in your life, so don’t pass up this great deal!

    The Gotham’s Alec Bradley Bundle includes the following:

        1 Capri Humidor
        5 Alec Bradley Sun Grown Robusto (5 X 50)
        1 Gotham Humidor Solution
        1 Gotham Jet Flame Lighter
        1 FREE Butane Can and 1 FREE Gotham Cigars Single Blade Cigar Cutter.

    Quantity: 5 cigars

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