H. Upmann Cigars


The infamous H. Upmann brand was conceived in 1844 as an endeavor to send cigars to Europe and is one of the oldest brands out there that is still thriving.

After establishing itself as a premium handmade cigar manufacturer, H. Upmann began producing machine-rolled cigars. Their cigars are packed in cedar boxes and labeled with the company’s mark to maintain authenticity.

If you’re someone who fancies a classic, high quality premium cigar, then H. Upmann cigars are definitely for you. They are tightly rolled and packed with the finest hand-picked tobacco leaves. Only the highest quality tobaccos are used in the making of these exquisite cigars.

Today H. Upmann is manufactured in the Dominican Republic although a factory remains in Havana for their Cuban blends. These cigars have been awarded 7 gold medals at various exhibitions, and these achievements are displayed on each box of smokes. With over a century and a half of experience, the H. Upmann brand understands their customers’ palates and continue to make award winning cigars to this day.

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