Machine Made Cigars

Machine-made cigars come in a delicious range of flavors and are available at affordable prices. Although these cigars are mass produced, they resemble their delicate, hand-made counterparts. Depending upon your preferences, you can select from a range of different shapes and sizes, like blunt, little, and cigarillo, amongst many others. If you like machine made blunt cigars, check out our Swisher Sweets Cigars and Phillies Cigars. For machine made little cigar lovers, we have Winchester Little Cigars, Prime Time Little Cigars and Gold Rush Little Cigars. Our selection of machine made cigarillos are high quality, like our Dutch Masters Cigarillos, Clipper Cigarillos and Splitarillos Cigarillos. Available in an extensive variety, these cigars are a hit with both experienced and new smokers. Machine-made cigars are manufactured by renowned brands like Phillies, Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, Dutch Masters, Jackpot and more.

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Machine made cigars are consistent in performance and have an exquisite taste and aroma. Al Capone dry-cured cigars are smooth and full-bodied, making them perfect alternatives to traditional cigars. Many machine-made cigars have flavors infused into the filler. If you like sweet aromatic smokes, then Tampa sweet cigarillos and Backwoods honey cigars will floor you with their flavors. Those who have a love for chocolate will be delighted to smoke Phillies chocolate blunt cigars. Treat yourself to zero-calorie desserts after every meal! These short filler cigars come in different types of packages such as singles, boxes and tins. They are top-sellers across the globe since they are perfect for smoking to relax at the end of the day as well as for sharing with friends and colleagues. Machine made cigars were first produced in the 1950s. They are now manufactured in many countries, including Cuba and Puerto Rico. In 2011, 3 billion machine made cigars were imported into the United States. Such high figures clearly reflect how top quality and affordable prices can create a winning combination. If you haven’t tried out these little masterpieces yet, then you are missing out on a revolution. Get your packs today!