Montecristo White Vintage

Montecristo white series vintage connecticut

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut cigars celebrates the brand’s 80th anniversary, so you know this one is special.

These cigars use a unique blend of tobaccos from three distinct countries- the Dominican Republic (where they are manufactured),Peru and Nicaragua, but what makes this cigar special is the wrapper. This blend utilizes a vintage 2008 Connecticut shade wrapper grown exclusively at Altadis’ Gershel Farm in Connecticut that is a gorgeous light brown.

These mild-medium bodied smoke is full of delicious creamy, peppery, citrus and sweet notes,which make a delicious flavor profile. As you have come to expect from the Montecristo brand, the construction is impeccable and the flavors complex. The Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut is available in your favorite vitolas and boxes of 20. 

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