Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars by Oliva were born from an idea to create a blend that is great right from the first puff. Their smaller stature packs the flavor so the entire smoking experience is enjoyable from start to finish. These cigars come in a choice of unique wrappers including Connecticut, African Cameroon, Habano, Maduro and Sumatra. Each wrapper gives these cigars a unique taste, strength and flavor profile. They all sport different hues, have a smooth texture and impeccable construction. Nub Cigars are a great option for premium cigar lovers and the expert craftsmanship that goes into the making of each cigar is evident with each drag you take.

The first thing that you notice as soon as you light up these cigars is the full strength of the flavors. They are specially created to take you to the midst of the cigar’s sweet spot right away rather than smoking through the first third of it while maintaining their distinct flavors throughout. Each cigar is beefy and short, filled with Nicaraguan long fillers and gives a better draw due to its large ring gauge. If you prefer a mellow taste to complement the tobacco inside, choose the Connecticut wrapper. If a deep taste and strong flavor are more to your liking, opt for the Cameroon wrapper. Alternately, if you prefer a dark, Brazilian wrapper, be sure to select the Maduro.

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Nub Café features three distinct coffee infused blends. These short stogies pack in the flavors of your favorite cups of joe, Macchiato, Cappuccino and Espresso for the ultimate infused cigar experience. The Macchiato is medium bodied with notes of milk chocolate and a creamy finish encased in a Sumatra leaf wrapper. The Cappuccino is a milder blend with a Connecticut shade wrapper and notes of vanilla bean and cedar. The Espresso blend features notes of dark cacao with a toasty finish and is medium to full bodied with a Sumatra wrapper.

Nub Connecticut cigars feature a gorgeous Connecticut leaf wrapper grown in Ecuador encasing Nicaraguan long fillers and binder. These stout cigars are sweet and rich in flavor with a nutty after taste. Their short size allows you to get straight to the heart of the flavors.

Nub Cameroon cigars feature a dark and oily Cameroon wrapper loaded with rich flavors that encases Nicaraguan tobacco long fillers. They feature notes of cedar, nutmeg and coffee with hints of sweetness and a peppery aroma. Experience the burst of flavor from the moment you light up.