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Oliva Cigars are one of the most coveted brands of cigars across the world and manufacture a wide variety of handmade, luxury stogies to suit every smoker’s need.

Few cigar manufacturers can boast a worldwide following like they do. The company began in 1886, when a man by the name of Melanio Oliva began growing tobacco in the fields of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

As the business made its way through two generations of Oliva men, the tobacco landscape took a turn for the worse, following the aftermath of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. It was up to Melanio’s grandson, Gilberto, to find a place where the company could regain its footing once more. He found that hallowed ground in Nicaragua, where he concluded that, “Northern Nicaragua enjoys all the natural blessings for great Habano.” Since that time, the family-run business has gained the title of the second largest grower of Cuban-seed tobacco in Nicaragua.

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