Perla del Mar Cigars

Perla Del Mar

Perla Del Mar Cigars are an exclusive line brought back to life by Eric Newman, the president of the JC Newman Company. Eric has an insatiable appetite cigar history and art, he came across an old Cuban band with the Perla Del Mar name and decided to revive this forgotten Cuban cigar and update it.

With seeds that have their roots in the rich fertile soil of Cuba, The Perla Del Mar (The Pearl of the Sea) is a testament to attention to detail in fine cigar making. Many years ago when Cuban exporters needed to get more cigars in each box, they started packing cigars tightly which altered a shape of the cigars.

The dense packaging produced a more square shape which packs as much tobacco as the space will allow. This attribute is very rare and not commonly seen in most of the cigars on the market today.

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