Premium Cigars

Smoking premium cigars is undoubtedly a relaxing and enjoyable past time, but it also requires time and dedication. Cigar aficionados have a journey ahead of them when finding their perfect cigar match. To find the cigar you enjoy the most, you need to discover your preferred flavor, strength and size. These imperative attributes can help define which tobaccos you will enjoy and which you will dislike. The length of time you want to smoke is important when considering the size of the cigar. As a beginner, you may want to start with shorter, Robusto type vitolas like Padron 2000 Natural and Camacho Cigars. New smokers might want to avoid Churchill and Presidente size cigars at first because of the length of time it takes to smoke and their strength. These types of cigars include Arturo Fuente Canones Natural and Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Churchill. Knowledge of the different types of wrappers is also essential when it comes to choosing your cigar. Wrappers have a big influence on how the cigar actually tastes. A mild, natural wrapper, like the one found on Ashton 898, Baccarat Toro and Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto might be best for a beginner’s palate, while a darker Maduro wrapper found on Oliva Serie V Melanio Torpedo Maduro and Partagas Black Label Maximo might be preferred by experienced smokers.

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To fully enjoy your premium beauties, there are several elements to consider and a few points to keep in mind. One of the main points is to always remember not to inhale. Make sure to cut the cap of the cigar with a high-quality cutter to protect the cigar from distortion. When it comes to lighting up, you need the proper tool. Use wooden matches or an odorless butane torch lighter to light your smoke. This will ensure that the taste remains unaltered. Are you planning on storing your cigars longer than a week? If you are, then you must use a humidor or an alternative humidification device. Gotham Cigars stocks the best premium cigar brands including Alec Bradley, Liga Privada, and Arturo Fuente. Now it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite cigar!