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  • Supreme Cigarillos Foil Pack Blueberry 4 for $0.99 upright & foilpack

Supreme Cigarillos Foil Pack Blueberry 4 for 0.99

$31.00 (You save $15.01)

    Buy Supreme Blueberry Cigarillos 15x4 Pack Online

    Supreme Blueberry Cigarillos bring you a lusciously smooth flavor with light notes of sweet blueberry flavoring. Tobacco leaves of the highest quality are hand-picked from the Dominican Republic, giving you a pure smoke unlike any you’ve ever experienced. A natural wrapper is used to hold the filler and binder in place while adding flavor consistency to the smoke. A slight hint of blueberry adds a sweet element to create both a unique and delightful taste.

    Each of these cigarillos are 4 ½ inches in length with a ring gauge of 28, allowing you to easily store them in your pocket for quick accessibility. They are sold in packs of 15, with 4 cigarillos specially sealed in a resealable foil pouch; for only $.99 per pack. Supreme Blend Cigars is a company that prides itself on its domestically grown and manufactured products, as well as its reputation for high-quality smokes that you're sure to enjoy.

    Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
    4 1/2 x 28 15 Packs of 4 Natural Strength Mild USA