Joya de Nicaragua Silver 50th anniversary

Posted by Blazing Bill on 15th Mar 2019

Once again, the cigar world is in the presence of royalty. The Joya de Nicaragua Silver is a new release cigar produced by Joya de Nicaragua for their 50th anniversary.

Joya de Nicaragua Silver was released in July 2018 at the IPCPR 86th Annual Convention. It joins the Joya family of decadent cigars full of flavour and complexity.

A little History…

Joya de Nicaragua is a cigar conglomerate that has been in the cigar business for, well, 50 years. The history of Joya de Nicaragua is filled with war, pitfalls, and utter resilience.

In fact, Joya de Nicaragua was the first cigar company to handroll Nicaraguan Puros. Because of them, the dynamic complexity of Nicaraguan tobaccos was brought to the upscale cigar market.

The Joya de Nicaragua brand is synonymous with class and piquant. The Joya line in particular, features the Red, Black, Cabinetta, and now the Silver. These premium smokes are created with every cigar lover in mind. From the delicate strength of the Red to the full body of Black and Silver, this line speaks to the hearts of both novices and veterans alike.

With exquisite and vintage tobacco blends from Nicaragua and across the world, Joya de Nicaragua has managed to etch a prestigious standing on the cigar wall of fame.

About Joya de Nicaragua Silver

In early 2018, Joya de Nicaragua, through their General Manager Mario Perez, said,

“In the year of our 50th anniversary, we want to be recognized as a cigar factory that delivers the expected timeless quality of a Nicaraguan cigar, but that is also willing to evolve and take on new challenges.”

To celebrate 50 years of premium cigar rolling and courageous buoyancy, Joya de Nicaragua released Cinco Decadas, a commemorative limited-release cigar. They also re-released Clasico, their very first Nicaraguan-Puro. But, of course, the show-stopper, and our favourite was the Joya de Nicaragua Silver.

The Joya Silver features opulent Nicaraguan fillers and a Mexican San Andres binder wrapped in an Ecuadorian Escuro Habano leaf.

Joya de Nicaragua wanted to make a statement with this cigar evidenced by the distinct blend, gentle box-press, and an edgy silver band. For many, it was assumed that the 50th anniversary, also known as the Golden Jubilee would have come with a Joya Gold. The Silver is a great twist and it looks amazing on the shelf in your favorite cigar store as well as in your hand.

The twists don’t stop there; this bad boy is darker in flavour and a notch higher in strength compared to the other Joya cigars. In a statement, Mario Perez said,

“…On top of creating a cigar for the Joya Line with a more complex flavor profile, we wanted to create a strong visual impact. Joya Silver’s packaging is probably the edgiest in our portfolio, making it a smoke that shines.”

Joya de Nicaragua is big on consistency. All their cigars are excellently produced with just the right amount of give in the filler.

Joya Silver is no exception. It does look charmingly rustic with an oily milk chocolate-brown wrapper, big veins, and tight visible seams. If you look closely, you will notice the triple cap and a fair amount of tooth.

It comes in four sizes; the Ultra (6.25x46), Toro (6x52), Corona (5.25x42), and Robusto (5x50).

How does the Joya Silver Smoke?

Cold Draw

This stogie is definitely one for the books. A little whiff of the wrapper gives off a sweet wet barnyard smell coupled with dark cocoa notes and shy cedar-wood nuances.

The cold draw reveals a perfect draw with notes of spice, dry hay, wood, and sweet tobacco.

First Half

Upon lighting, expect tons of aromatic smoke. Dark notes of creamy espresso, toasted nuts, a pinch of black pepper, oak, and caramel take over the palate while premium tobacco notes comingled with leather and exquisitely aged wine hold down the fort.

When they say this cigar is complex, they are not kidding. There is a cornucopia of flavour transitions in the mid-section of this smoke. Milk-chocolate bunched with a little spice kick, sweet vanilla, and toasted caramel interchange with dark fruity zest married to leather, tasty tobacco,

and deep earth. Delicate notes of rye bread and sweet dark cherry zoom in and out throughout the smoke.

Retrohale is rife with delightful fruity notes backed by a mellow wine-like disposition.

Last Half

As the flavour transitions settle down, this stogie moseys on a blanket of smooth, dark, heavy deliciousness. The strength inches up to full without any astringent elements.

You will not believe the perfect harmony of sweet and savory that brings this bad boy to the nub. Even for my size-challenged Corona, I did not experience heat until it came down to the nub. Creamy notes and marzipan sweetness were the last flavors I tasted as I bid adieu to my Joya Silver Corona. My smoke ran for a little over an hour.

Draw and Burn

Thanks to the consistent filler bunching, the draw was excellent and the burn flawless. Ash was an impressive salt and pepper colour that held up to half an inch.

If I had to choose my favorite attribute of this stogie, behind the flavour, is the sheer amount of smoke output.

How about the Price?

Joya Silver falls between $6.30 to $7.80 price range depending on the size. This, to me, is fair considering this is a premium smoke with perfectly balanced flavour transitions. You can be certain there are premium smokes that cost twice as much with half the flavour and kick. This cigar is definitely worth the money and then some.

Reviews and Ratings

The internet is abuzz with reviews of this delectable stogie. Cigar veterans can’t get enough as evidenced by the 90+ percentile rating on all the major cigar review cites. Cigars International gave this baby a 92 rating.

We have always loved Joya de Nicaragua cigars. And now Joya de Nicaragua Silver joins our prestigious list of must-have cigars. Try it, let us know what you think.