Java by Drew Estate Cigars

Java by Drew Estate Cigars

Cigar smokers know that Rocky Patel cigars are known for their high quality construction and the highly rated cigars that come out year after year. They also know that Drew Estates cigars are known for their flavorful and unique infused cigars such as the ACID, Ambrosia and The Natural lines.

Based on these facts about Rocky Patel and Drew Estates, it seems like a no brainer that they decided to work together to create unique infused cigars the right way with the use of coffee and chocolate. In 2004 the Java Cigar line was introduced by Drew Estates and Rocky Patel.

These infused cigars later came out early in 2005. Cigar smokers have different preferences for what they like to drink while they are enjoying a cigar. A lot of times the drink depends on what kind of cigar you are smoking. One drink commonly enjoyed while smoking a cigar is coffee. Java cigars were the answer to a lot of people’s requests of a cigar with coffee flavor infused into the cigar to create a great blend of rich tobacco as well as creamy coffee.

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