Cigar Samplers

Cigar Samplers are the best way to get introduced to premium hand-made cigars if you are a novice smoker. Most factory samplers have an assortment of their top selling brands as well as sizes. As a newbie to cigars we highly recommend trying out a factory sampler to get yourself acquainted to your favorite type of smoke. A good sampler will give you a range of sizes so you know if you like a quick thinner cigar like a corona size or something a little more substantial such as a Churchill - a fatter, longer cigar.

Once you have your preferred size narrowed down, the flavor profile will be next. A good selection will also have a variety of wrappers. There is a huge flavor difference between a Connecticut Shade wrapper and a Maduro Wrapper, for example. It’s important to identify the differences in order to hone in on what you will enjoy smoking. Once you know what the right wrapper, strength, flavor profile and size cigar is right for you, then you will be ready to step up to the plate and buy a whole box to enjoy. We recommend our top sellers including the Gurkha Clamshell Sampler, the Nub Café Sampler, or the Camacho Limited Edition Assortment, all of which are perfect for getting introduced to cigars or make the perfect gift.  Give your cigar loved one a gift of a sampler set today!