Richwood Cigars


A top-notch stogie that has caught everyone’s attention, Richwood Filtered Cigars are gaining the favor of most cigar enthusiasts. Crafted meticulously from a premium blend of Kentucky Burley tobaccos and covered in a homogenized tobacco leaf wrapper, these machine-made cigars are known for their distinctive taste, pleasurable smoke and a range of tantalizing flavors. Manufactured by Tantus Tobacco in Kentucky, these filtered cigars measure 3 ⅞ inches in length with a ring gauge of 20. The small size makes them easy to hold, giving the smoker a firm and nice draw. Priced lower than a premium hand-made cigar but offering the same quality and smoke, these cigars burn longer than a cigarette and give a wholesome smoking experience. The presence of filters eliminates the stray tobacco flakes and protects the smoker from extra heat.

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These cigars are available in a bouquet of interesting flavors that enhance the taste of the special blend of tobaccos. Full Flavor cigars offer a rich and captivating smoke while the Menthol cigars are fire-cured to give a spicier taste. The most popular amongst them is the Vanilla flavor, which has a captivating aroma and delectable flavor. The Mild cigars have a subtle flavor, which makes them ideal for someone who is transitioning from cigarettes to cigars. The cigars are also available in flavors like Peach, Strawberry, Wild Cherry and Grape. Packed in attractive airtight packs of 10 with 20 cigars each, Richwood Cigars offer great quality at an amazingly low price. Grab them in any flavor and you will surely return for more!