Liga Privada Cigars

Liga Privada

In English “liga privada” means “private blend” and this select blend was created solely for the humidors of the VIPs of Drew Estate.

Dozens of rich blends were created but eventually the best blends were so perfect in flavor and character that they eventually decided to manufacture these decadent cigars for the public.

When you light a Liga Privada you are smoking a product that was expected to be enjoyed by the masters of the craft. Aged a full year, no shortcuts were taken in the manufacturing of these cigars. Tobaccos from seven different farms have been used to create a rich and complex smoke that is full bodied without being harsh. You can expect flavors of toast, coffee, and chocolate expertly blended into a smooth, satisfying smoke. Full bodied but silky from start to finish the Liga Privada is a gem.

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