Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel is known by cigar aficionados for the perfect blend of smooth smoking and great taste. The full bodied smoke of this cigar is distinct for this Ecuadorian grown masterpiece.The success of the brand is a quintessential American story. Born in India in 1961, Rackesh Patel’s passion for cigars led to his creating the eponymously named boutique cigar manufacturing company. Originally a Hollywood entertainment attorney who counted Gene Hackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger among his clients, Patel was exposed to cigar smoking by his famous clientele. 

His interest in the cigar industry grew over time and ultimately resulted in he selling his practice to spend five years in Honduras, where he worked and learned the handmade cigar-making trade.

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In 1996 he returned to Hollywood, CA to found his own cigar business, which was renamed Rocky Patel Premium Cigars in 2002. Today, the brand is a leading cigar manufacturer of premium handmade cigars. What’s more, their  cigars have become as much about the man as the handmade smokes he crafts—both have garnered a huge following amongst cigar smokers and cigar aficionados alike.

In 2003, they debuted the Vintage Series of cigars into the premium handmade cigar market.  Comprised of premium quality aged Honduran tobaccos and with a production of just 250 cigars per day, the Vintage Series of cigars still consistently breaks the 90-rating in Cigar Aficionado magazine.  Indeed, when it debuted, the Vintage Series set the bar for the premium cigar brand’s other superior handmade cigar offerings.  To this day, every cigar is thoroughly inspected. The result?  A top-quality, reasonably priced cigar that is enjoyed by all cigar-smoking palates. 

Today, less than 10 years since the Vintage series first debuted, the brand is one of the most sought after cigar brands thanks to their first-class quality and reasonable pricing.  Dedicated to perfection and the art of cigar-making, Their cigars are all put through a rigorous quality-control process to ensure each and every cigar-smoking customer—whether lover, novice or pro—enjoys a superior, flavorful product.

Apart from the owner’s inspiring story, what sets this brand apart as a modern-day brand for cigar lovers, is the fact that the company does not own a plantation, instead preferring to work with a combination of tobacco farmers in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.  What this translates to for the consumer is that the final product has been crafted from the best tobacco to fit that particular cigar’s palate.  When selecting the tobacco for a certain cigar product, both initial stages are considered—growing and aging—before tobacco blending and cigar-rolling takes place.  This is true for each and every one of Patel’s cigars and is what makes each of them so unique.

As any cigar connoisseur can tell you, their cigars come in a wide variety of flavors and finishes. Some of our favorites include: 

  • The Sun Grown Cigars 

    A longstanding favorite, the Sun Grown cigars are very full bodied and feature a robust, bold smoke with a mix of deep flavors that include white pepper, molasses, and roasted espresso, with a hint of sweetness.
  • The Decade Cigars 

    The Decade are a medium to full body smoke with a signature blend of flavors that include dark spice, black cherry, roasted coffee, and a dash of pepper. The Decade is an extremely well balanced smoke that features a long, full finish, along with a lingering, satisfying sweetness.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars: Milestones, Accolades and Awards

  •          The Vintage Series received "Best of the Best" accolades from the Robb Report.
  •          The Vintage 1990 Robusto was rated 92 by Cigar Aficionado.
  •          The Vintage 1992 Torpedo was subsequently rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado.
  •          In 2008 the Decade cigar achieved a classic 95 rating in Cigar Aficionado.