Cheyenne Cigars

Known as the cigars that fall on the stronger side of the flavor spectrum, Cheyenne Cigars are small, smooth and affordable. The cigars are medium-bodied, easy to light and smooth with a relatively easy draw. However, the specialty of these cigars is their flavor tip, which ensures that the cigars predominantly draw most of the flavor from their tip. 

These cigars are filled with original home-grown American tobacco that is unsurpassed in its quality. The cigars are enclosed in a homogenized wrapper leaf, manufactured in a facility in North Carolina. Though they resemble cigarettes in their appearance and handy packaging, they offer a higher quality of smoke and taste and have won the hearts of even discerning smokers.

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Branded as the cigars that everyone must have on hand at all times, you will have an amazing smoking experience thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into making these little masterpieces. No matter what your choice is in flavors, these cigars have something for everyone. Their strength in flavor also varies, with some cigars being predominantly sweet with fruity undertones and others more robust and classic. The flavors they offer are Full Flavor, Menthol, Vanilla, Classic Filtered and some with berry undertones like Peach, Grape and Xotic Berry. The last one has a blend of flavors that give a tropical touch to the smoking experience. If you would like to get the strength and hit of a cigar but don’t have the time to sit back and indulge in one, then go for these little-flavored pieces.

 Wrapper: Colorado Claro
 Origin: Machine Made in Grover, North Carolina.