If you are new to the world of cigars, there are a lot of questions regarding humidors. Common questions are: “What is a humidor?”, “Why is a humidor necessary?”, “What size range do I need?” and many more! Typically, when someone purchases cigars they aren’t going to smoke them all at the same time. That’s where the importance of humidors comes in. A humidor is not simply a box. In actuality it is a necessary accessory that retains your precious cigars at optimal freshness until you are ready to smoke the rest. The best way to maintain your premium cigars to be as fresh as the first cigar in the box is to maintain the perfect combination of temperature level and moisture. The optimal humidity range in the humidor should be about 70-75% and the internal temperature should be maintained at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

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We carry a wide selection of humidor options. Size, pricing and other features play a major role when picking your personal humidor. When deciding on the humidor size you prefer, make sure to think about the amount of cigars you want to store. We offer humidors that can store up to 250 cigars. Make sure to check different humidor options to find the best one for you. Our humidor collection includes cigar cases, travel humidors, desktop humidors and glass top humidors. Our humidors are mainly made of Spanish cedar wood, oak, and rosewood. Our offers are immense! We also have an amazing selection of accessories which includes hygrometers, humidifier and humidor solutions.

Choose thoroughly. Humidors are essentially the home that your cigars live in. Pick your desired humidor today. Then you can store and preserve your cigars with ease. This will allow for an aging process that is extremely beneficial; it allows you to age your smokes to perfection. 

If you feel that you need some more information about humidors or have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable customer service department is ready to help you.