Drew Estate Cigars

drew-estate-cigars-logo.pngDrew Estates is a premium powerhouse of a brand. They have built their brand from the ground up, getting their start in New York then Miami, only to become leaders in the cigar industry. Their La Gran Fabrica factory in Esteli, Nicaragua is an astonishing 96,000 square feet, the largest in Nicaragua, and produces some of the most highly regarded and award-winning cigars in the business. Getting their feet off the ground with their first blend La Vieja Habana in 1998, they have since created such classics as ACID infused cigars and the highly rated and hard to come by Liga Privada brands. Drew Estates produces a wide range of cigars injected with passion and creativity, you will be sure to find the one that is right for you. 

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 The many brands under the Avo name offer a one of a kind smoking experience for those that appreciate a truly great cigar.

Acid Cigars feature unique and exciting blends utilizing premium tobacco blends and diverse infusions of flavor. Each brand of cigars is truly unique and uses different fermentation techniques and hundreds of oils to create bold, spicy, aromatic and flavorful smokes.

Liga Privada Cigars need no introduction. These ultra-premium beauties are among the highest rated and most sought-after cigars around right now. These cigars were originally intended to be smoked by the head honchos at Drew Estate, but the exclusive formulas were too good not to share. They are made in limited production and worth every penny when you can get your hands on them. Truly a luxurious smoking experience.

Tabak Especial cigars are coffee infused smokes made by the guys who know infused cigars the best. The tobacco leaves are infused with dark roast Fair Trade certified Nicaraguan coffee for a truly bold flavor tinged with notes of cocoa, spice, espresso and a pleasant sweetness. Rich and flavorful, these are some of the best coffee infused cigars out there.