Pom Pom Operas Cigars

Pom Pom Operas

Pom Pom cigars are some of the best machine-made smokes in the market. If you‘re looking for affordable flavored smokes that are top-notch in quality and taste, then your search ends here.

These cigars are packed with distinctive blends of high-quality tobaccos, which are secured with natural homogenized binders. Special flavors are infused into the fillers, giving you a delicious smoke anytime. These cigars measure 4⅜ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28½. They have a tapering shape, which ensures that the smoke is funneled through smoothly to give you a bold and rich flavor. 

These small cigars come in flavors like grape, sweet, strawberry and peach, amongst others. 

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The grape cigars have a wonderful, complex aroma, which will delight your senses and remind you of vineyards. The sweet cigarillos have delicious sweet undertones, which appeals to the senses of both new and seasoned smokers.

Pom Pom cigars are made in Jacksonville, Florida by Swisher International. This company was started in 1861 by David Swisher. This brand has now become a top-seller in the world and is one of the country’s largest cigar exporter. These delightful little cigars are perfect for smoking during short breaks at work. They are also great for sharing with friends at social gatherings. So don’t wait any longer. Get yourself these delightful gems and be rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

Wrapper: Natural
Manufacturer: Swisher International
Made in: Jacksonville, FL