Antonio y Cleopatra Cigars

Antonio Y Cleopatra Grenadiers

Antonio Y Cleopatra Grenadiers, popularly known as AyC, are top-quality cigars that you will fall in love with from the very first drag.

These cigars were first manufactured in 1879 and have gone on to become best-sellers in the US. They are delicious in taste, elegant in appearance and affordable in price. This brand has steadily climbed to the top of the ladder in the last 100 years.

Beautifully constructed, these mild-tasting cigars are available in a variety of sizes. The Grenadiers are packed with high-quality tobaccos that have been cultivated in Cuba. Homogenized binders help secure these cigars firmly. Antonio Y Cleopatra Grenadiers are rolled in different types of natural leaf wrappers.

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