Little Cigars

Little cigars, just like their name suggests, are smaller in size than the usual cigars. They have almost the same size and resemblance to that of a cigarette but they are not taxed or regulated like a cigarette. They are also quite different from cigarettes in terms of their taste, wrapper, characteristics, and flavor. These stogies are made with tobaccos that are either air-cured or fermented and yield a stronger taste. They are alkaline and their wrapper is made of a natural leaf. On the other hand, a cigarette is wrapped in paper and is acidic in nature.

According to the guidelines laid out by the federal government, little cigars contain two-thirds of a cigarette’s tobacco by weight. They offer a fuller flavor than cigarettes as their tobacco is less processed. These cigars are specially made for those situations when you have sudden cravings and have less time to smoke. Little cigars are easier to smoke and they can be lit with any matchstick or lighter. It can be smoked quickly and enjoyed even during a small break.

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