Macanudo Cigars


An undying commitment to high quality and a promise to offer the most unique tobacco blends has made the Macanudo Cigars brand the best-selling cigars in the United States.

Produced by the General Cigar Company in the Dominican Republic, these handmade cigars are well known for their soft flavors and scintillating aromas. A combination of fine tobaccos from around the world finished with finely made natural wrappers make these cigars stand out from the rest. 

Each Macanudo cigar is meticulously crafted with perfectly aged tobaccos procured from the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica. This tobacco is wrapped in twice-aged light Connecticut Shade or dark Maduro wrappers and then bound in binders from Mexico. This extraordinary blend of ingredients gives these cigars a wonderful taste with a smooth and consistent draw. Each cigar exudes a rich and distinctive flavor, which leaves behind a lingering taste long after one has finished smoking. No detail is left unnoticed and you will appreciate the impeccable craftsmanship in every stick.

Give these world-famous cigars a try by picking up a box or one of their samplers and experience the joy of smooth and mellow cigars. Share it with your peers and spread the magic of these pleasurable smokes!

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