Splitarillos Cigarillos

Splitarillos Cigarillos

Splitarillos cigarillos are relatively new in the market but have taken the cigar world by storm. It wouldn't be wrong to say that they have set a new trend. These machine-made cigarillos come in 7 different flavors, includingOG Sweet, G6 Grape, One Hundred, Rozay Wine, Swag Berry, Da Bomb, and Pineapple. These machine-made flavored cigars are great alternatives to their expensive, hand-rolled counterparts. 

These high-quality cigarillos are made in the US with select Dominican tobaccos. They come in resealable foil pouches that prevent them from losing their flavor and aroma. These pouches are well-designed and look attractive, giving you all the more reason to pick them up. 

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Each cigar produces a smooth-textured smoke and offers an easy, effortless draw, making for a truly pleasurable experience. Quick to smoke and easy to carry, these short cigars are perfect for your work breaks. 

The Splitarillos Extendos is the longest variant available in the market. These cigars are 8.5 inches in length, making them nearly double the size of standard 4.25-inch cigarillos. This ensures that the smoke is longer-lasting. Sit back, relax and light up a Splitarillos to revel in its flavor and aroma. You can pair these mild-bodied cigars with a cup of coffee or a light beer. These drinks have flavor notes that complement the mellow smoke. These cigars are sold in cartons containing 15 packs of 2 pieces each. Alternatively, they also are sold in boxes that comprise 15 packs of 3 cigars each.