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AJ Fernandez Fresh Pack Sampler, A Great Buy!

Posted by Puffy Pete on 31st Jul 2019

If you have never thought about buying a cigar sampler, then you are missing out. A sampler is a superb way to weave your way through a particular brand and determine what you like.Learning aside, some cigar samplers are simply a steal. Rarely will you find a cigar sampler featuring top-shelf cigars each with its own accolades. In most cases, cigar companies bundle spectacular stogies with their little-known totally average cousin in a sampler pack. But not AJ Fernandez.A Little … read more

Swisher Sweets Leaf Launches Nationally!

Posted by Linda Kimanthi on 16th Jul 2019

We can never picture a time before Swisher Sweets cigars. Swisher International, the makers of Swisher Sweets, have been in operation for more than a century.Over this period, we have seen them soar in the market becoming one of the biggest cigar manufacturers in the world.With a knack for invention and the genius to instinctively know what the market needs, Swisher Sweets is bound to be in business for another century.Speaking of invention, who’s up for a new Swisher Sweets cigar flavor?W … read more

Black Market Cigar Review. One of Alec Bradley’s best?

Posted by Blazing Bill on 9th Jul 2019

When Alen Rubin set up Alec Bradley Cigars in 1996, no one knew what an impact he would have on the market.A couple of decades later, and the Alec Bradley brand of cigars sits at the winners’ table with age-old masterpieces like Romeo Y Julieta and the Montecristos.Alen Rubin is a master of invention. He likes to go where no other blender has gone by experimenting with little known tobaccos from obscure countries. Usually, his blends feature tobacco from upwards of 4 different countries; a … read more

Why is The Acid Kuba Kuba The Best Infused Cigar?

Posted by Blazing Bill on 20th Jun 2019

For a long time, flavoured cigars were dismissed as gateway cigars. They were seen as cheap knockoffs only enjoyed by unseasoned smokers.Not anymore. Drew Estate flipped the script when they created their infamous brand of delicious enigmatic cigars branded ACID. Even the name ACID sounds dangerous and enticing. ACID cigars are among the top 5 most popular cigars in the United States.A Little HistoryACID cigars are produced by Drew Estate; a company that seemingly came from nowhere t … read more

Gurkha Warlord Hard to Find But a Keepsake

Posted by Blazing Bill on 18th Jun 2019

In the stogie world, Gurkha cigars are synonymous with exclusivity and prestige. They are among the most expensive cigars in the market.Gurkha cigars have often been associated with royalty and celebrities. In fact, these stogies are so badass, they were the official smokes for Bill Clinton in the White House, what?! That’s how Gurkha Cigars ended up coining the “Rolls Royce of Cigars” title.So, if you decide to indulge in a Gurkha cigar, expect to spend a pretty penny.However, don’t let t … read more

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos, Luxurious Smokes

Posted by Blazing Bill on 7th Jun 2019

Ever so often, the craving for a premium smoke hits when you don’t have enough time to clip a full-sized stogie.And you know a sophisticated palate will not fall for a vile flavoured mass-market cigarillo. So, what brand of cigarillo will satisfy the craving?This is a question that lingers on a majority of cigar aficionados. Well, we cracked the code! Davidoff array of mini cigarillos is the best way to go.A little Davidoff HistoryDavidoff Mini Cigarillos are manufactured in Netherlan … read more

San Lotano Requiem Maduro | Gotham Cigars

Posted by Blazing Bill on 31st May 2019

San Lotano Requiem Maduro is not a new cigar. This cigar has been around since 2011. But do not knock it just because its been around for a while. This bad boy is still as popular as when it was first released.A Little HistorySan Lotano Requiem Maduro is a cigar line from the San Lotano Series by AJ Fernandez.Until the San Lotano Series, AJ Fernandez had been creating cigars and blends for third-party manufacturers.The San Lotano Series is very dear to him because it is the first cigar bra … read more

Bellas Artes Cigar by AJ Fernandez Nicaraguan Hybrid

Posted by Blazing Bill on 23rd May 2019

In the cigar world, no one blends like AJ Fernandez. This master blender is arguably the most sought-after blender of this era. So, when cigar lovers caught wind of a new proprietary blend from AJ Fernandez, feverish exuberance was obvious.AJ Fernandez announced the release of Bellas Artes in early 2016. Bellas Artes is the Spanish phrase for “Fine Arts” and this cigar is nothing short of phenomenal.A Little HistoryAJ Fernandez of AJ Fernandez Cigars is a living legend. A third-generation … read more

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Cigars | Gotham Cigars

Posted by Blazing Bill on 14th May 2019

One of the best Connecticut Shade Cigars?How does one describe perfection? When Oliva decided to temporarily deviate from their norm of making full-bodied cigars to a mild one, cigar enthusiasts had no idea what was in store for them.Oliva Cigar Co. is a cigar giant renowned for exquisite full-bodied stogies featuring flavourful Nicaraguan blends and a myriad of impressive wrappers. Lovers of the leaf cannot get enough of Oliva’s perfectly constructed cigars with aristocratic knock-out … read more

The Top Selling Cigar Tins Right Now | Gotham Cigars

Posted by Blazing Bill on 30th Apr 2019

There is always a reason to have a smoke. Try as you may, you will never run out of excuses to have a cigar.The problem is time. Often the craving strikes for a stogie but you are just too busy to take a 2-hour break. This is why we have cigarillos.A cigarillo is basically a mini version of the full-size cigars you pack in your humidor. But these babies are meant for smoking on the move.In the past, cigarillos were machine-made, mass-market, cheapo little cigars made for anyone who didn’t … read more