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One of the most underrated cigars on the market

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The cigar market is flooded with a multitude of cigars offering many different brands and flavors. However, only a few brands make it to enthusiasts’ list of ‘hot favorites cigars’ while some receive accolades and stellar 90+ ratings. There is one particular brand of cigar that has constantly supplied top quality stogies, received rave reviews by the critics, is well known in the cigar stores, yet lacks in the notoriety that it deserves in the market. That brand is Oliva Cigars.

About Oliva Cigars

Oliva is a line of premium handmade cigars offering a wide variety of luxurious stogies. The brand produces a range of flavors with an assorted degree of strength. It offers something for every smoker ranging from mild to bold, and from conventional shapes to tiny and stout nubs. The stogies boast of painstakingly crafted construction which ensures that every smoker enjoys an unparalleled smoking experience. These stogies are made for avid smokers who seek high quality smokes and a tantalizing experience at reasonable prices. Oliva’s portfolio consists of several award-winning blends and has continuously dominated the ‘Cigar of the Year’ list, which is formulated by Cigar Aficionado. Each stick manufactured by them depicts impeccable and extraordinary construction, consistency, and top quality.

Oliva offers fuller-bodied blends include Oliva Serie V and Serie G as well as milder smokes such as Oliva Connecticut Reserve and an all-time favorite the Flor de Oliva. The Oliva Serie V is its superstar line offering full-bodied and full-flavored smoke. It has garnered a well-deserved 95-rating by Cigar Aficionado and has been featured in the ’25 best cigars on the year’ list in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. The next big line is O Series which was listed in the ’25 best cigars of the year’ in 2013.

History of Oliva Cigars

The history of Oliva Cigars is traced back to the year 1886 in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba where the founder Melanio Oliva grew tobacco. Later, he took part in Cuba’s War of Independence which led to the closure of his otherwise growing factory. However, soon after returning from the war, he resumed his operations. In the beginning of the 1920’s, Hipolito Oliva, the son of Melanio, took over the operations and grew fine quality tobaccos for several decades. Hipolito’s son Gilberto Oliva later took care of the growing operations but very soon after started brokering tobaccos. In the early 1960’s his job took him to several countries including Honduras, Mexico, Panama, and the Philippines. In 1995, he settled in Nicaragua where he found the most fertile soil to grow tobacco and began manufacturing cigars. Gilberto believed that Nicaragua was the best place for growing tobacco as it has natural blessings for amazing Habano. In 1995 he launched a brand and christened it ‘Gilberto Oliva’. The cigars manufactured then were composed of Dominican fillers, binders, and wrappers, and Nicaraguan fillers. The very next year, the name of the brand was changed to ‘Oliva’. In June 2016, J Cortes Cigars acquired the brand. At present, Oliva is the second largest grower of Cuban-seed tobacco in Nicaragua.

Lines of cigars offered by Oliva

Oliva offers a plethora of sub-brands under its name. Each cigar offers an exotic smoking experience and feature the highest quality tobaccos. Some of the best cigars offered by Oliva include:

Oliva Serie V

Oliva Serie V is the best offering by the brand. This line of cigars has consistently impressed the Cigar critics and has been featured in the ’25 best cigars of the year’ list by Cigar Aficionado several times. Known as Ligero especial, it is considered the most complex and full-bodied cigar available, offering well-balanced flavors and spices. Each stick offers a unique blend of coffee, dark chocolate, and premium tobaccos with an aftertaste of cinnamon and dark chocolate. Composed of a Nicaraguan binder and Ecuador sun-grown wrapper, the stogie is simply a masterpiece. These are available in all sizes including Corona, Robusto, and Torpedo. Serie V cigars are a must-have for every serious cigar smoker.

Serie O

Serie O by Oliva was featured as a ‘Top 25 Cigar of the year’ in 2013. It has received several accolades for its diverse range of smooth and creamy flavors. The cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua. Each stick features Nicaraguan and sun-grown Habano binder, filler and Connecticut wrapper that yields a rich smoking experience. They offer a rich blend of spice, rich cedar, and dark tobaccos. The tobacco used in these full-bodied stogies have been aged for five long years, which is the prime reason behind its rich flavor. The sticks are available at affordable prices in Churchill, Toro, Torpedo, Gordo, and Perfecto.

Oliva Serie G

Serie G features a smooth texture and an exotic flavor that will surely treat your palate. Composed of authentic Cameroon wrapper, binder and Habano seed Nicaraguan long fillers, these stogies are meticulously crafted with perfection in Esteli, Nicaragua. They offer medium strength with the notes of coffee and sharp cedar. The cigars are available in eight sizes including Churchill, Special G and torpedo-tipped. This blend received several accolades and earned ‘Cigar of the year’ in 2006 by Cigar Aficionado.

Oliva Connecticut Reserve

The Oliva Connecticut Reserve cigars offer a rich and bold taste for all cigar lovers. Each stick is handcrafted in Esteli, Nicaraguan and feature an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, with Nicaraguan binder and fillers. It offers notes of cream and coffee with hints of woodiness that yield a mesmerizing draw. These are available in eight different sizes including Petit Corona and Churchill. The Oliva Connecticut cigars are milder in strength but offer full flavors.


Oliva cigars are one of the most underrated cigars on the market. The stogies are masterpieces crafted with perfection and offer rich flavors thereby yielding an enticing smoking experience. The stogies have received several accolades which speak for their outstanding quality and standards. They feature affordable pricing, thereby giving you one more reason to go for these stogies. We would recommend these masterpieces to all the cigar aficionados who crave an out-of-the-ordinary smoking experience.

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