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5 reasons you should try the Fuente Chateau Series

Posted by Puffy Pete on 14th Jun 2018

One of the most revered brands of cigars in the world.The Arturo Fuente brand history is full of intrigue, tragedy, and unparalleled business suave. After surviving two revolutions, two fire tragedies, and a 22-year break, the Arturo Fuente brand developed into one of the most revered brands of cigars in the world. The Arturo Fuente company produces over 30 million cigars per year from their large tobacco farms and six cigar factories in the Dominican Republic and are loved for their robust flav … read more

Montecristo Espada one of the best smokes

Posted by Puffy Pete on 5th Jun 2018

Why is the Montecristo Espada one of the best smokes of all time? For starters, the Espada is the only Montecristo cigar that is a Nicaraguan Puro. Released in 2014, the Espada is exquisitely vintage with every element of its construction. If you are looking for an authentic taste of vintage elegance backed by the signature Montecristo strength, then the Montecristo Espada is the cigar to smoke.History of Montecristo EspadaFor the first time in the history of making award-worthy cigars … read more

The Bold Cao Brazilia

Posted by Puffy Pete on 25th May 2018

The Brasil Inspired SeriesCigar enthusiasts know there is no brand in the market quite like the CAO brand. Although relatively new to the cigar world, the CAO company has managed to catapult the Brazilian blend of tobaccos to the forefront. CAO brand cigars have taken the market by storm, and stogie lovers cannot get enough of their dark, full-bodied, delectable cigars. Admittedly, I am among the enthusiasts who cannot get enough of CAO cigars. And while am at it, I want to review CAO Brazilia.T … read more

Camacho Connecticut

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 15th May 2018

Camacho Connecticut a blend with a formidable kick and zest that doesn’t back downIf you are a cigar enthusiast, then you have come across the Camacho brand. Camacho is a trendy brand with equally powerful cigars to boot. While we can talk all day about Camacho brands with their unique flavors and strengths, today we’ll speak about the Camacho Connecticut cigar. Camacho is well known and loved for their full-bodied, flavorful, and intense cigars. A Camacho kind of person is one who reveres … read more

Cigar tins are on the rise!

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 19th Mar 2018

Cigar tins’ popularity is on the rise!Cigar tins’ popularity is on the rise! It’s hard to enjoy a full-sized cigar anytime and anyplace because of the amount of time you need to truly enjoy them. We are so much engrossed in our jam-packed schedules that taking even 10 minutes for ourselves during the day has become difficult. Now, just imagine you are occupied with tons of work and you feel an urge to smoke. How would you pacify your sudden craving amidst your busy schedule or while commut … read more

Dutch Masters Fusion: The Hottest Cigarillos

Posted by Smoking Sammy! on 13th Feb 2018

Are you a fan of flavored cigars?Are you a fan of flavored cigars? Looking for the ultimate flavored cigarillo on the market? Do you want to treat your palate to the perfect blend of diverse yet enticing flavors? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should try the many different flavors of Dutch Masters Cigarillo Fusions. Dutch Masters is a notorious brand in the cigar industry and is one of the pioneer brands that manufacture machine-made cigars. It has won several accolades … read more

Macanudo Orange underrated?

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 1st Feb 2018

An unknown top-class stogieEvery year a wide array of cigars is launched into the cigar market. Some blends make their mark with cigar smokers and notable magazines like Cigar Aficionado while some fail to impress. Different palates prefer different tastes but in general, there are a few blends that win the hearts of a legion of the population. On the contrary, there are some cigars that are the epitome of perfection but don’t receive the notoriety they are worthy of because people are not … read more

One of the most underrated cigars on the market

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 4th Dec 2017

A lack of notoriety but never lack of qualityThe cigar market is flooded with a multitude of cigars offering many different brands and flavors. However, only a few brands make it to enthusiasts’ list of ‘hot favorites cigars’ while some receive accolades and stellar 90+ ratings. There is one particular brand of cigar that has constantly supplied top quality stogies, received rave reviews by the critics, is well known in the cigar stores, yet lacks in the notoriety that it deserves in the market. … read more

Java Red by Rocky Patel hits the shelves!

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 8th Nov 2017

Unique, refreshing, and top quality, the new Rocky Patel Java RedJava Red by Rocky Patel is the latest addition to our website. It hit the shelves during the summer and is already making waves in the cigar market. Rocky Patel is not just a name- it’s a brand that has taken the cigar industry by storm. Who doesn’t know Rocky Patel? He is a man who has given some of the most distinctive and enthralling flavors to the cigar industry. The cigars sold under his name are known for their classy … read more

Rocky Patel Sungrown Maduro #2 Cigar of the Year

Posted by Smoking Sammy on 27th Oct 2017

A cult-like following cigarAlmost a decade ago, Rocky Patel launched his new line of cigars under the banner of ‘Rocky Patel Sun Grown’. This is not just any other brand, it is among those brands that have garnered a cult-like following due to its amazing smoke quality and unique flavors infused in every stogie.In 2015, Patel wanted to introduce another enchanting addition to his popular line of cigars so he created a Maduro version of his famous blend. This led to the inception of Rocky Patel S … read more