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Java Red by Rocky Patel hits the shelves!

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Java Red by Rocky Patel is the latest addition to our website. It hit the shelves during the summer and is already making waves in the cigar market.

Rocky Patel is not just a name- it’s a brand that has taken the cigar industry by storm. Who doesn’t know Rocky Patel? He is a man who has given some of the most distinctive and enthralling flavors to the cigar industry. The cigars sold under his name are known for their classy appearance, quirky and unique flavors, uber-refreshing taste, and top quality, premium tobacco fillers and binders.
The Java line of cigars combines the magnificence and innovativeness of Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. Java Red is the newest blend in this premium line of cigars. Both Drew Estate and Rocky Patel have a cult-like following and the newly launched Java Red is expected to garner a lot of attention.

Java Red

Java Red by Drew Estate is the latest premium quality cigar to be introduced in the already best-selling Java line. The cigar is manufactured by Drew Estate and distributed as well as marketed by Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. It combines the uniqueness of Drew Estate and top-notch quality and style of Rocky Patel. The stogies are handcrafted to perfection and offer a mesmerizing blend.
These cigars are made using only the best aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Just like the other variants in the Java line, these stogies are painstakingly handcrafted to infuse supreme quality Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders with the essence of coffee and cocoa. The surprise that these stogies bring for aficionados is the essence of cherry. The use of infusions and the process of production in small batches ensure that the stogies are of utmost quality. Due to its unique and enthralling flavor and appealing design, it is already being considered one of Rocky Patel’s best cigars.
The sticks are artistically rolled and distributed by Rocky Patel Premium Cigars (RPPC) in Bonita Springs, Florida while the manufacturing is executed in Nicaragua and Honduras. The cigar is created with the aim to provide cigar aficionados with a lavish and beguiling smoking experience.

Characteristics of Java Red

Rocky Patel is a master at crafting cigars that offer flavors of coffee, and Java Red is his latest offering. The cigar exemplifies the flair and style of Rocky Patel and offers a rich and flavorful experience to all cigar enthusiasts. It is one of the best coffee-infused cigars out there right now. They are wrapped in a dark and oily Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper and feature the essence of fresh cherries with delectable subtle notes of creamy dark chocolate and cocoa in a medium bodied smoke. Made with an inimitable infusion of cocoa and espresso bean, they offer subtle, well-balanced and rich flavors and a sweet aroma. These cigars are known to offer medium strength and are suitable for both the modern-day cigar lover as well as for old-school enthusiasts. Java Red cigars are amazing to pair with coffees, wines, and cocktails. The cigar can also be enjoyed as a refreshing dessert smoke after a sumptuous dinner.

They are available in various vitolas and come in boxes containing 5, 24 cigars and 40 cigars.
Java Red Corona is 5 x 42
Java Red Robusto is 5 ½ x 50
• Java Red Toro is 6 x 50
• Java Red Corona is 4 ½ x 38
• Java Red Wafe is 5 x 46
• Java Red The 58 is 5 x 58

Four vitolas- the Corona, Robusto, Toro and The 58 are finished with a beautiful square pressing. The Petite Corona is the lone round cigar that is finished with a pigtail cap while the Wafe vitola gets an intense trunk press.

Flavor Profile

Java Red by Drew Estate is a coffee-infused dessert cigar that utilizes a premium blend of the best quality Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos and binders with a surprising twist of fresh cherries, and strong, creamy notes of espresso with hints of dark chocolate that is as flavorful as it is aromatic. The cigars are adorned with a dark and oily Maduro Criollo and Corojo wrapper and an appealing box-pressed finish which further enhances the flavors. The delicious, complex flavors treat your palate with flavors that are mesmerizing and invigorating

Java Red- amalgamation of quality, design, and flavor

Java Red is known for its quality and unique flavor. Rocky Patel is very particular about the quality of production. He strives for 100% consistency and places a lot of focus on quality control. Every stick goes through several rounds of inspection where their draw is tested. The stringent quality control ensures that the consumers get a top-notch smoking experience. It’s no wonder that so many of his cigars have received 90+ ratings by Cigar Aficionado.


Java Red is made by combining the magnificence and flair of the two biggest names in the cigar industry- Rocky Patel and Drew Estate. The cigars are meticulously handcrafted and made with top-quality Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos and binders. Rocky Patel’s relentless quality control, unique infusion process and attention to detail by manufacturing in small batches ensures each stogie is created to perfection. The cigars offer a rich, creamy blend of dark chocolate and cocoa with hints of fresh cherries in a medium bodied smoke. If you are a fan of Drew Estate and Rocky Patel, then you simply cannot miss Java Red. Order these premium quality cigars right away and experience their tantalizing flavors and aroma. 

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