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Why are Cafe Crème Cigars exploding in the US?

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Cafe Creme Cigars

Cafe Crème cigars are quite the tasty treat for a cigar as it is combined with mild, dry cured tobaccos, trolled in a sugary scented wrapper. Cafe Crème cigars are the perfect type of cigar to use with any brandy and targeted mainly for age group 35-65. The Cafe Crème cigars are the top selling cigars in Europe and it is becoming preferred choice among natives of US gradually. Cafe Crème cigars includes exceptional tobaccos from Colombia, Java, and the Dominican Republic to produce few of the world’s most prevalent cigars. In the sections below, you will get to know noticeable features of Cafe Crème cigars, reasons of why it is becoming a preferred choice in US and reasons why they’re becoming so popular among Americans.

Features of Cafe Crème cigars that make it best-selling in US:

Cafe Crème cigars come with many noteworthy feature that makes it best-selling in US. Cafe Crème cigars come in very light color and it is well put together in rolled form. They do not possess much smell as US natives are less prone to smell. As its main taste is coffee, it leaves a very pleasant and delicious taste in your mouth. It possesses a very relaxing smoke, and one can feel relaxation while inhaling it without any side effect to the lungs. Its smoking experience is enjoyed by people in the US as the smoke has no bad smell and relaxing burning experience. At the end of your smoke, you will experience the continued sweet taste that lasts longer equalizing the effect of smoke. 

Why Cafe Crème cigars are becoming preferred choice is US: 

Thousands of tobacco addicts from all over the US are gradually becoming affiliated for the use of Cafe Crème cigars. These cigars are produced by machines and through the help of short filler, making it a preferred choice in US. The reason behind this is previously US people have faced limitations of hand-made or partial-machine manufactured cigars. Hence as these Café Crème cigars are entirely machine manufactures, it is getting more preference day by day in US. “This brand of cigars has seen considerable growth in the U.S. over the last few years. However, US natives can take the brand to another level in the coming years by seeing versions that are a slight larger and certainly flavored, which appear much aligned with the American taste. 

Cafe Crème cigars have a very pleasing sweet flavor, unlike many other cigar brands. The reliability of the smoke is smooth and not excessively rough. Cafe Crème cigars are small and suitable for a quick smoke and few espresso of US. The Cafe Crème pack are so captivating through its taste, quality and freshness that it lets it harder to quit comparative to the other packs available in US. 

How Cafe Crème cigars are growing in US: 

Cafe Crème cigars are a growing cigar brand in US that has retained its position for more than an incredible 100 years. Before its introduction into the US few years ago, people were using normal cigars by compromising their taste and experience. However, through its gradual advent, US natives have found that it is offering noticeable benefits in terms of quality, freshness and quick smoke. It provides a light and simultaneously long-lasting full tasteful flavor, which has been perceptible amongst various other little cigar brands recognized globally. This brand is gradually growing in US as it offers a very strong as well as calming but pleasurable high-class aroma. US people demand better taste as well as relaxing smoking experience which cannot be found in any other cigar brand. It sets apart its quality from various cigar brands, by not leaving that out-dated and embarrassing tobacco smell in clothes or on hands. With each taste you can instantly feel the great quality tobacco and the dissimilarity is instantly obvious from cafe crème original. The smoother taste and the exclusive flavor of this cigar brand makes them a convenient option to choose for US people. While glancing at the price, they are cheap and quite affordable at just 9.19 for a pack of 20 and each café crème cigar lasts for longer period of time than a usual cigarette, with improved taste and higher level of satisfaction after each servings. 

Reasons of choosing Cafe Crème cigars over cigarillos by Americans: 

A cigarillo basically is just a miniature cigar with limited functions and lesser use of machine in its production. Cigarillos are virtually awkward to roll, even by the slightest of hands, machines continuously make these cigars. As compared to usual cigarillos, Cafe Crème cigars range in size from 3” to 4.5”, which is convenient in size for ease of handling. Americans prefer it over cigarillos as it is perfect for a lunchtime break with its preferred size. The smallest amount of time that these Cafe Crème cigars demands to smoke, make them extremely popular in Europe. Because of their little size, the average cigarillo smoke negotiates lasts for several days, which feels embarrassing for many people. On the other hand, the smoke emitted from Cafe Crème cigars quits within few hours, making it a reason of choice for Americans. Also, these cigars come in convenient packaging of 5 tins of 20 cigars. Over a century this Dutch company producing Cafe Crème cigars imports finest tobacco from Indonesia, Cuba, and Colombia to make an exclusive blend of tobacco that has impeccable flavor and impressive smoke.

Cafe Crème Cigars are gradually becoming a market leader, mainly in the US and also in such countries as UK and France. It also comes in a range of flavors like Cafe CrèmeCafe Crème BlueCafe Crème Arome, Cafe Crème French Vanilla, Cafe Crème Filter Tip Arome, Cafe Crème Italian Macchiato, etc. This wide variety of Café Crème cigars offers a comfortable selection provision for Americans.

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