BluntVille Cigars


Whenever you need a good smoke that you can enjoy completely even if you do not have much time to spare, pick up a BluntVille Cigar. From National Honey Almonds, these are high-quality, machine-made cigars made in the United States. They provide a satisfying smoke full of premium tobacco and mild flavors.

Bluntville Cigars are made from the finest selection of tobacco leaves and are wrapped in natural leaf tobaccos. They are double-wrapped, ensuring a rich smoke. However, the double wrapping also offers another advantage. If you want a faster burn from the start, just remove the outer layer. This will give you a fast burning cigar that you can finish quickly while still enjoying the full flavors.

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Bluntville cigars come in many delightful flavors that provide another dimension to the smoke. The flavors include Vanilla, White Vanilla, Grape, Blueberry, and Pink Berry. These fruit flavors are carefully infused so that they do not overpower the tobaccos’ aroma. You can also get Bluntville cigars in natural tobacco variants. Bluntville Natural Deluxe provides aromatic, pure tobacco smoke with no added flavors, for smokers who crave a full tobacco smoke experience. There is also the Candela Honey variety with a Candela leaf wrapper, with its leafy, earthy, and sweet flavors. Bluntvilles, while providing premium machine-made cigars, come in a unique EverFresh packaging. This patented oxygen-absorbent packaging technology ensures that the cigars are as fresh and aromatic as a cigar taken out of a humidor. Enjoy a flavorful, delicious and fresh smoke every time. Bluntville cigars are available in boxes of 25 cigars each.