Dutch Masters Cigars

Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters Cigars are America's #1 natural leaf wrapped cigarillo. Each cigar is made from premium quality, hand-picked tobacco leaves and naturally aged wrappers. These classic machine rolled cigars have not compromised on quality since 1911. You most likely recognize the brand because of it's distinctive packaging featuring Renaissance artwork. 

Dutch Masters are made with Caribbean basin Cuban-seed tobacco blends and a variety of natural leaf wrappers. The Dutch Masters Presidents are classic sized, flavorless stogies that won't break your budget. The Cigarillos are available in a variety of wildly popular flavors like the Dutch Masters Honey Fusion or the Dutch Masters Palma. Each is slow burning and offers a finely nuanced smoke that's always satisfying. 

Made in Puerto Rico, they're manufactured and distributed by Altadis USA. If you're looking for a high quality, mild bodied cigarillo in a variety of flavors, look no further than the classic Dutch Masters brand. Check out our huge selection at discounted prices! 

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