Cohiba Cigars


Cohiba Cigars are truly luxurious smokes. The entire process of creating each stogie is rigorously monitored for the highest quality, from the planting of the seeds in the nutrient rich soil of the Dominican Republic, to the hand-picked harvesting and the hanging of the leaves in special wooden barns for the carefully supervised curing process. No detail is left unnoticed in the creation of these one of a kind cigars.

Almost synonymous with Cuban cigars, Cohiba Cigars that were made in Cuba became unavailable in the US after the Cuban embargo. However, General Cigar company licensed the Cohiba name and set about reconstructing these cigars in the Dominican Republic. The brand offers a number of different cigars with a variety in the blend, wrapper and the aging process. These Dominican Cohibas keep up the tradition of excellent cigars to come out under this name and offer cigar smokers a wide choice in excellent premium cigars. From the Cohiba Nicaragua collection to the classic Cohiba Blue collection, each cigar is worth the cost and gives you an enjoyable smoking experience you will keep coming back to.

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The Nicaragua series cigars are full flavored smokes featuring only the finest Nicaraguan tobacco blend, enclosed in a gorgeous reddish mocha Honduran Jamastran Colorado Oscuro wrapper. These well-balanced smokes offer an enticing mix of dark cocoa, cedar, black pepper, leather, nuts, maple, and citrus with a sweet finish.

The Blue seriers cigars are luxurious smokes available at an affordable price. These cigars feature an exotic blend of tobaccos from Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, each lending a unique flavor from these very distinct regions. The wrapper is a rich, earthy tone leaf from the Olancho San Agustin region of Honduras. These medium bodied smokes deliver complex notes of cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and spices with a creamy finish. They are presented in an attractive blue box.

The Churchill series cigars are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and feature a blend of Pilato Cubano long filler tobaccos finished with a dark and smooth Cameroon wrapper. These elegant cigars are the perfect smoke to enjoy at the end of a long day and are full of spicy and woody flavors and a pleasant aroma.