Filtered Cigars

Filtered cigars are a range of affordable cigars that come with a filter which enhances the smoothness and draw. These machine-made stogies come with short fillers and offer a top-notch quality smoke like traditional cigars. They also feature premium tobaccos and a natural leaf wrapper for a bold flavor and filters infused with delicious flavors. This results in a stronger smoke that lasts longer than your normal cigarette. Its tobacco comes from a single source thereby yielding smooth and rich flavors.

People often mistake FC's with cigarettes as they offer a similar draw and feel to that of cigarettes. However, they differ from cigarettes in terms of flavors, smoke, wrapper and tobacco. These cigars must be smoked with patience and unlike a cigarette, the smoke shouldn’t be inhaled completely into the lungs after the puff.  They are meant to be enjoyed like premium cigars. 

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Most FC's are available at prices much lower than traditional cigars and cigarettes, making them a great alternative. Hence, they are preferred by those who yearn to have the smoking experience similar to premium cigars at a cost that is light in the pocket. They are available in a wide spectrum of flavors and grade, making them ideal for aficionados who crave different flavors of cigars. Some of the exceptional flavors available include vanilla, cherry, peach, grape, strawberry, menthol, watermelon and many more. The flavors of these stogies accentuate the natural taste of the tobaccos that are aged and fermented. Some brands even offer varied strengths so that the consumers can pick the stogie that comes with an intensity which is suitable for them.

We have a huge collection of superior quality filtered cigars. Prime Time Large Cigars are known for their large variety of fruity flavored cigars. The King Edward Brand is available in three classic flavors and made with high-quality filler tobaccos. Cheyenne is one of the top-selling brands of filtered cigars online that offer many flavors to choose from. Phillies are not only made of high-quality tobaccos, but they're inexpensive, too! Djarum feature a rich, flavorful blend of Indonesian tobacco. Wrangler is also among the best of class with their smooth yet bold taste.

FC's are sold in packs, much like cigarettes, but their main difference is the wrapper. Unlike cigarettes that use a paper wrapper, filtered cigars use all natural leaf wrappers, which give them a bolder flavor. They are available in a wide variety of unique flavors which gives them an edge over traditional cigars when it comes to flavor infusions. These cigars not only taste great but also offer enticing aromas. Pair any of these mild and aromatic smokes with a coffee in the morning or a light alcoholic drink in the evening. Keep these in your pocket and experience the magic anywhere you go!