Tabak Especial Cigars

Tabak Especial

Drew Estate is once again taking cigar smoking to new heights with their coffee infused Tabak Especial Cigars. Drew Estate Cigars is number one if you are searching for infused cigars.

This cigar brand has risen to the top of the Nicaraguan Cigars producers. Delicately aged for two years, the Tabak Especial features a blend of the finest Nicaraguan Criollo long-filler tobaccos, a flavorful Sumatran binder and a wrapper that is either Natural/Dulce (US Connecticut Shade) or Dark/Negra (Connecticut Broadleaf) style. This Tabak Especial cigar is infused with a dark roasted, fair trade Nicaraguan coffee offering an excellent rich and robust taste. Depending on what variety of Tabak Especial you smoke you will taste savory espresso notes, touch of mild chocolate, spice, cocoa, cedar, and sweetness.

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